[3.11] CI Aura Bot Guide [90 Res/Max Aura Effect/Max Power/Aspect/Smite]

Finally hit 90 with this build. I had a very rough times at the beginning but with some investment I'm now 6k5 ES and 14 auras, and I'm loving it! Thanks a lot for this build, I think I will become addicted to aurabots now :p
Has anyone done an aurabot when you don't have friends to play with?

Either by making random friends in game, or by finding parties in Global 820.

Could you share your experience on how it went? How often are people interested in an aurabot? Do they have any issues with loot sharing? Or is it usually on perma-allocation?

Basically would like to know just how good/average/bad of an experience it is to try to aurabot without a regular set of friends.
Any chance Someone can link me a Three for a scion version ?
I think gear will probably be the same.
And what is the downside and the goodside of doing scion version

Never played scion and never played aurabot i wanted mix both :) !
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I see you have desecrate and bone offering in the path of building but don't see anything said about them. Do you manually cast those while you run around to get the bone offering buff?
I've only got about 9ex... is that close to enough to make this worth running? Looking at lots of the gear in the "cheap" guide, I'd blow 2ex on the Victarios, negligible amounts on the helm and gloves, 40-50c per corrupted abyssal jewel if I don't corrupt them myself and if I get ones with otherwise bad stats, etc.

I guess I'm wondering how many auras I could reasonably get to with 9exish investment, and if it's even worth it at that point.

Thanks, great guide, just maybe too expensive for me at the moment :)
Now that Pure Commander has been nerfed do we still run them or do we do something different ?
sainttears wrote:
Now that Pure Commander has been nerfed do we still run them or do we do something different ?

First among is just better in every way now
What is the best way to up my survivability with my current characters gear? @Nuk
Hi,first of all thank you for this guide which is very helpful.
I saw some aurabots socketing awakened generosity alongside empower and 4 auras in the victario's.
Do you think it would be a valid option (if for example you're not running malevolanence or another damage aura) ?

Is it still possible to roll a Large cluster jewel where you don't need to spend 7 points to get both sockets + Vengeful Commander? It seems like everything I roll on an 8 passive, Vengeful is at the very back, 5 points away going either left or right.

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