COVID-19 Megathread

Hey everyone, I hope you're all safe and well out there in the world!

We have allowed discussion of the coronavirus COVID-19 on our forums despite it's tendency to bleed through into other disallowed topics (such as politics and religion). Some people stuck at home may wish to let off a little steam about it and we're happy to oblige!

To set some clear boundaries about what you can discuss here, you may discuss the virus itself and how it's affected you and your family and friends. Some examples might be what you've been doing while you've been isolating, games you've been playing, how many toilet paper forts you've put up, etc.

You may NOT discuss your government/other governments and their handling of the virus or the current political climate, you may NOT discuss national or global economic ramifications of the virus as they do have a direct link to politics.

I am also working from home for the next month, and my doggos are loving it <.<

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GGG banning all political discussion shortly after getting acquired by China is a weird coincidence.
Well i hope you have a license for that groundbreather.
Given the possibility that the doctors explain it with "just breath at it once" and "stay two meters away from each other, the spores will drop to the ground".

Maybe someone should tell politics to stop testing humans and start investigating dogs/cats ? But i bet they have the same "don´t talk about gametheory"-restrictions in place.

To answer your questions:
17year social distancing anniversary, Stellaris, Zero

Are we overlooking something simple important in all of this outbreakpanic ?
How about the numbers? 😎
Getting through this pandemic will require leaders of countries to help ALL of their citizens. Even the ones who don't worship them. #DontBeASpreader #InScienceWeTrust Remember the term: #NegligentHomicide
When dogs are happy, I'm happy. :)
I'm hearing updates from my family back in New Zealand almost everyday and I wish for the wellbeing of all New Zealanders :D
And of course the world <3
This is my cutie:

My cat has been sharing social distancing duties with me.

Dogs require walks. Cats are best for lockdown. :P
What happened to the "Don't tread on me" Americans?

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The_Impeacher wrote:
How about the numbers? 😎

Where do the numbers come from? Govts. Who's often financially involved in finding cures or vaccines for this virus? Govts. What's frequently shown itself to be a force for helping the spread of this virus? Religion. Etc. etc. Just assume you can't discuss the virus at all here. This isn't a virus thread, merely a pet-posting thread, virus or no virus.
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We used to have a Golden Retriever as well. Died of natural age more than 10 years ago. Hard to replace.

So this is like the third thread already on Corona/Covid-19.

@Sarah_GGG: I remember it being possible to talk about politics/religion 3 years ago? (Before I took my long break from POE.)

Well nothing wrong to talk about the mathematical side of modeling the virus. It is hilarious how non-tech people keep talking about 'flattening of the curve'. It is very cringy.

There was a belgian professor from Aalst modeling the disease with a Gaussian distribution. Another guy from a small Belgian company Crunch Analytics making use of the derivative of the logit function. (I figured this out myself)

It is just a matter of fitting the experimental data and extracting the parameters. None of them actually calculated confidence intervals though. I am pretty sure they have no clue how to do that.

I also wonder if someone is actually making use of a set of non-linear differential equations (source: A contribution of the Mathematical Theory of Epidemics by W.O. Kermack and A.G. McKendrick). Such models will give much better insight and interpretation of the results.

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I think, is bad. And Coronavirus is not good. Coronavirus is a thing in the world, it affects people in ways. Things should be done about this.

I just summed up everything that could possibly come of his thread.
Need a new signature, cuz name change. I dunno though. I guess this seems fine. Yeah, this is good.

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