[PS4] 3.10.1c Patch Notes

Really frustrated after this last "patch" GGG... it seems to have made the game worse on PS4 in every way. More lag, more studder, more frame drops, more glitches. I play with a few other guys and none of us can manage to stay alive in content that was fine before the patch.

"Unbind X button for now" feels so bad. You guys should look into mouse & keyboard support for PoE2 because everyone I know would plug their mouse & keyboard into the PS4 immediately.

You guys should make skill bar layout a menu item and re-bind R3 to be a dedicated interaction button. You've had trouble with this forever. Stop trying to fix it if it can't be fixed. Change it.

Last week I spent some more money in the mtx store because I love you guys. The game is great and the microtransactions are fun, but it feels so bad to spend money and then have the game break so hard I don't even want to play it right now.

Please roll this patch back on ps4. It was bad in almost every way.

But considering you just seem to copy/paste the PC notes to this section, it's pretty obvious you don't care about us lowley console players. Sorry that was mean, but this post doesn't even matter anyway. I'm just venting because I want to be playing. Lol.

This post should have just said "please roll back the patch on PS4" lol.

Anyway, if anyone does read this: Good luck to you and the team. I'm looking forward to the game being playable again. I was enjoying this season a lot.
should skitterbots be reserving 53% mana? or did i equip something wrong?

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