Bigred88 Streaming and Sirus Service

Sup guys never really used the forums but here goes nothing. Just getting my stream back up and going with some Storm Brand Archmage action.

Sirus Kills

I know most streamers charge 1 ex or w/e for Sirus kills but I am not a huge fan of this system as more times than not the person paying for the service comes out losing money. So Sirus kills will technically be "free" if I get you something Pog and you feel like tipping that would be dope but is not required at all. I Prefer Texas or Washington DC realm

If anyone is new to the game or has any questions I will do my best to answer them have been playing POE for a lot of years. I am still a scrub compared to some of the big boys but it's all in fun so come hang out.

IGN: @BigRedxD
Last bumped on Jun 29, 2020, 6:44:20 PM
Sirus carry you can trust
Confiable, drop Awakened Elemental Damage


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