[3.11] CoC Ball Lightning Assassin - 20M+ Shaper DPS/10k ES/fortify - League Starter Guide Included

Played the older mjolnier version of this, will definitely give this a try as well. At the start you mentioned being able to play this as MF, what gear swaps do you do for this? Just throw on a bisco neck and goldwyrm?
Played the older mjolnier version of this, will definitely give this a try as well. At the start you mentioned being able to play this as MF, what gear swaps do you do for this? Just throw on a bisco neck and goldwyrm?

Two Ventor's Gambles and goldwyrm.
I am selling my build to goof around with other things for the rest of the league. Hit me up if you are interested.


SOLD just leaving this here in case somebody wanted to look at the info

It has over 10k ES (with INT + Quality on chest), 52%+CDR and good damage. I did spend between 160-170 exa on this but made many good snipes, not sure how much you have to pay to get it all now since prices are different. I am looking for 130ish, just hit me up and we can get it sorted. The bottle faith is not included. The boots are a big part of it since they were 70 but having tailwind did make this build tons more fun.

There is still a lot to improve but it is getting tougher to find upgrades.

This pob is pretty recent, I do switch around the chest to dex sometimes to level awakened gems in the 2nd inventory: https://pastebin.com/5H1bTUpe

Resists are capped with the small cluster jewel.

Here is a video of wave 20 sim: https://youtu.be/n-9yDLsQHXU

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Finishing up my build and pushing for the last few upgrades (boots with 35% ms, and maybe a slightly better weapon).

Any suggestions on what I can improve? And what my last 2 skill points should be on?

Been lurking here for a while, finally pulled the trigger and changed SB trickster to this build with some changes to tree. On a whim, popped a sim to level gems and see how far it can go. Surprisingly, finish all 20 deathless w/ 5 rewards per wave, especially considering average hit is less than 66k!
Was finally able to push ES to a decent amount (10,5k) thanks to helmet and kentishtowns ring.

So for now the build is done for me: 10,5k ES, 420k per ball und ideal circumstances (wave of conviction etc), 7,58 APS (next breakpoint not possible with Atziri's Reflection).

Final gear:

Since I probably won't be able to really play the next league, I'll keep playing the build in standard. This opens up certain possible improvements. One being a Watcher's Eye with Lightning Penetration which will push me close to 500k per ball (was an option in Delirium as well, but so much more expensive I didn't pursue it). The other thing is Vaal Regalia with over 800k ES. This will bringe me above 11k ES.

Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing build, Noesy. I was tempted by my own approach on CoC for a while, but your build renders it rather pointless, because compared to this anything will feel like a joke most likely.
Can someone explain how pain attunement work in this build?
And how many inc aoe we need?
pirozhok112 wrote:
Can someone explain how pain attunement work in this build?
And how many inc aoe we need?

Pain Attunement is replaced by a different Keystone due to unique jewel. Alternatively you can take Atziri's Reflection and Coward's Legacy and use the real Pain Attunement.
Thanks for the build N0esy! This was my first ever CoC build and i've learned a lot from you.

Doubt I'll have enough time to play so im selling some leftover items. Also got a rare 30% AS/T1 crit% karui sceptre base. Hit me up if interested.
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dsata wrote:
Hey guys - I wanted to come and chime in as a HC player. I've lost 2 97 and 96 CoC Ice Nova chars - did the Kami guide but tweaked it with defenses and even though I really enjoyed it, I like this build a lot more. The scaling is way better and the damage output is significantly higher over the CoC Ice Nova. The way Kami has it setup also does massive damage but I had to drop a lot of stuff in order to gain defenses where on this build I can incorporate it while still being efficient.

I have pasted my pastebin below and please feel free to ping me directly or ask Noesy for anything. He is an amazing guy and thank him for taking the time to put this together. He did a phenomenal job and he is someone i've had on my friends list for a very long time.

I wanted to wait to post until I did a lot of the end-game content. The only thing missing for me is Aul and I am looking for him now - nothing so far up to depth 250 but managing just fine in Delve. I do sub-2 min UE, Cortex, Elder, Shaper, Simulacrum without taking any damage (PLEASE be careful if you play HC the only thing that can kill you and that killed my 97 was Impale and -Phys reduction in one wave - insta kill for us).

If you take a look at my POB it is VERY tailored to the min/max aspect. I have 96 strenght (perf str for scepter), 113 dex (needed for 21 Slower Proj when i get it), 100 % ailment immunity so don't need freeze, burning, sap, etc.. removal flasks, perm fort, 3 endurance charges via medium channeling cluster, and ES on block from shield and with Rumi's I am at 75/75 block. If you want 75% spell block you either have to get 10% spell block on shield or do what I did and got lucky, 5 % on ammy and craft the other 5 % on the shield.

Things I still want to do to improve:

1. Rare Ring - I did double influence and got two solid stats that I wanted which was crit multi (elder influenced) and ES % (crusader influenced) but I could surely use other better stats like flat ES and spell damage. My ultimate ring would be something like ES%/Flat ES/Spell Damage/Crit Multi/Dexterity, and All Res/Light Damage (if i can find res somewhere else.

2. Shield - I would like to squeeze out another 100+ ES on shield as my prefixes blow but I don't see a huge need right now because the build is doing fine. This would be absolutely min/max eventually.

3. Ammy - I would ideally have loved to get Power Charges/+Light Gems/+% damage based on intelligence instead of ele damage with attacks but the rest of the amulet is godly.

4. Gems - Need to get some gems to 21/20 and need to get my Awak Light gem to 5 soon.

5. ULTIMATE DREAM - Boots - This will likely never happened to any of us let alone me but my dream boots would be Tailwind, Cooldown, and Ailment Immunity but to land all 3 stats is statistically impossible. If someone was to ever land these stats you could drop The 30% ailment cluster I have next to Unnatural Calm and go with From Naught or even a rare jewel with corrupted blood immunity.

COUPLE SIDE NOTES for people playing this on HC or in general: 1) drop chaos golem as its useless and does nothing but put in Precision as it gives a little extra crit chance for us. 2) Drop Militant timeless jewel if you are going 75/75 block as its useless - go Lethal Pride and take Pain Attunment node to double block chance as it synergizes well with our 5 % ES on block from shield.

I am sorry for the lengthy post but I owed this to Noesy as he has been an online buddy for a while and I wanted to give my take on this build from an HC standpoint.

POB - https://pastebin.com/zY4YHBbi

How do you get 100% ailment immunity? I only see 50% in passive tree

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