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mariano0928 wrote:
Hi, my question is, why we take Mind Over Matter if we have all our mana reserved?


Glorious Vanity changes that passive into Divine Flesh (50% elemental damage taken as chaos damage, 10% to maximum chaos res). Path of Building, poe.ninja and even official site doesn't show it correctly.
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rageface1355 wrote:
My character profile isn't set to private. I'm just providing a(obviously more expensive) but some min max options.

With plant crafting it's not as expensive as some might believe ;) definitely something to work towards. It's quiet an expensive upgrade for 2x CiP though

Will add plant crafting section.
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9 is the maximum number of golems?
Loseyourmind wrote:
9 is the maximum number of golems?

Technically you could go to 11 with 2 clayshapers, but you get way way more damage with 9 and 2x Cold Iron Point
I'm trying to minmax this, and staff seems to be the way to go.
13-15% more damage, additonal stats (resists suffixes) and 2nd 6-link.
Crafted something like this:

This is crafted on incursion base that already had 40 minion attack speed and +2 all spells. This 2nd mod is really rare, so it might be hard to replicate.

Normally ppl go for other mod instead, incursion +94 minion damage +5% chance to minion double damage.
You basically buy staff with that mod, then harvest craft option that fractures 1 out of 3 prefixes (1 in 3 chance) to fracture that minion dmg/double dmg mod, to lock it.
Then you chaos spam to get +1-2 all spells, this has low weight and can take a lot of chaos. Could also use crafting bench and apply caster mod, but odds are low.
Once you hit that then you craft "cannot roll attack mods", augment some suffixes to block it, if needed. And then you aug/remove physical prefix, and you get 1 in 10 chance to get +3 physical gems.
After that you remove all unwanted mods (make sure you blocked suffixes with mods that are 100% chance to remove, like fire/light/cold not caster), craft 28% minion attack speed, and then add you still have 2 free suffixes, can be used to get resist.

6l gives few options, one is for big aura enlighten setup, other can be for triggering spells, currently experimenting with one. Arcanist brand procs both curses and desecrate + flesh offering. So you just cruise with 1 button.

And ofc staff = block, can invest in it, get glancing blows. Defensively it is pretty strong.
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Current pob and pic for those asking good luck and enjoy still working on and testing some things, current iteration of changes and build.

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Hi guys, what do you think in putting +1 to min endurancee charges on rings to get +8% phy damage reducee and all ress?
mariano0928 wrote:
Hi guys, what do you think in putting +1 to min endurancee charges on rings to get +8% phy damage reducee and all ress?

Some people do that. You can also craft it on amulet of you're playing Spectre variant. Alternative is to pick node that makes warcries instant and use enduring cry on left mouse button. Sidenote: warcry also works with trigger wand; using it by walking triggers spells on wand.
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Hall of Grand masters t16 done solo with golems only and 1 curse.
Maybe a dumb question...but, how are you putting a 4L setup into a dagger?

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