Path of Exile Developers Reveal Their Working From Home Desks!

garpu wrote:
Melissa's wallpaper is epic. :) What's it from?
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The amount of audio engineers ain't low for the fact that half the playerbase plays without sound because the engine can't handle the amount of sound sources and effects.

Also, hiding speakers behind monitors ... yayks.
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Ty for scam <3
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Jesus blake needs a new chair
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I almost feel bad for Jared. I'm sure this work at home is killin him and can hardly wait to get back to the office. If he didn't pray before, I'm confident he's praying for a cure now, or a swift death, either would suffice lol.
Dunno who that Hrishi is but, he need a promotion and start running the company. He is probably the only one who can be trusted.
It should return 80% of an MTX's current cost as points that can then be spent as I wish... not tossing something in and getting one of a thousand random results...
: )
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So much Salt around Bex`s desk :D

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