Wild strike lightning raider - need help in min-maxing in Standard

Hi guys,
Made a build based on Esoro's Wild strike raider youtube guide, and currently running setup like this:

POB for jewels and tree: https://pastebin.com/wP9WrsdV

The Elegant hubris nodes:

My question is how should I minmax this build? Got about 80ex budget in standard, already have legacy inpulsa's (dont wanna vaal it). Should I use cluster jewels?
For now i got massive clearspeed and ok bossing but only with headhunter stacks, without it build is pretty squishy, got 4,000hp.
Would appreciate any help considering changes in gear, tree, jewels or gem setup.

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- Awakened multistrike will be a good boost to you dps.
- Since you are using blood rage I don't know if damage on full life is very reliable. You should try using Inspiration support instead, might also help for bossing.
- You can greatly improve your claws.

Current best stats for best dps claws are as follow:

- added physical damage
- increased % physical damage
- adds # lightning damage
- attack speed
- critical strike chance
- global critical strike multiplier

Using POB, you can try these stats and see the increase in damage, it should be about 5 to 10% per claw. Also try to see if, depending on your current stats, if lightning penetration is worth it. (It may be for bossing but definitly not for mapping). Good luck finding such claws tho, it may be possible to achieve in league with the current harvest crafting but for standard it would be mirror tier item.

Smaller upgrades would be quality upgrades on weapons and gear, double +1 to skills amulet, gloves corruption for +1 frenzy charge and tailwind + elusive boots. Although at that point you only need awakened multistrike andslightly better claws to destroy all content
I am doing wild strike lightning too by video of erotos. And iam sure iam the most dps in harvest league of this build. You must change some gem. add me Ing:MaximumSpeedHa i will tell you. This post on phone so i cant give pastepin

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