Necroskels Emporium. (NA) Boss killing, Crafting, Chayulas

In these dark Coronavirus times im just a regular guy playing a lot, trying to help people out and make some currency at the same time.

Unfortunately there are a lot of dishonest people who make people weary of player interactions. So I have decided to start a thread for people so they can be reassured.

Metamorph: 40/40, ~150 sirus carries, didnt keep track of total carries.
Delirium: 40/40, Boss Carries: 1100+ carries, 80 sims 0 voices :(
Harvest: 40/40 Boss carries ~600, 40 more sims 0 voices. Reached my goal of finding every single high value awakened gem. Grats on whoever got that awakened multistrike.
Heist: 23/40 So far playing a golemancer. Trying to hit 100 atm

Usually doing a myriad of things including crafting, mapping, boss carry services, rotas and chayula service.

Character I'll likely be on: Necroskelsss

Right click to make sure its an character from my account before giving expensive crafting materials.

Please make sure you know what your craft costs and is a sufffix/prefix before you tell me to multimod.
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Got a friend's Cloak of Defiance (vorici white sockets) and my own medium cluster jewel (leo slam) handled by this fellow player. I recommend their services.
Quick And Easy Boss Killer! Didn't take my loot!
oh dat sweet exp <3

100% real one here folks. Lost track of how many time he's helped me out and given solid build advice. Strongly recommend him to ANYONE that plays <3
This man has helped me a lot in the previous league. He also helps me in this league with endgame bosses etc. He can be trusted :D

One BIG + for him
Always friendly! Very helpful! super fast boss clear! Also trustful when it comes to looting!

highly recommend this guy! thumbs up
Great service!

Really helpful and friendly. Helped me knock down Simul wave 20 =)
Crafted white sockets on my explody chest! Good service. Thanks!
Bought corruption alter and gem corruption, fast and trustworthy and streamed for me!

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