Necroskels Emporium. (NA) Boss killing, Crafting, Chayulas

Incredible boss service, fast and safe
Did 4 bosses in simulacrum. No complaints and no scams
Hi. The man killed my Sirus A8, i got Templar gloves, Awa Cold Penetr and a watchstone.
Thank you! Will recommend.
Sirus 8 carry done! Crappy loot but hey I didn't die trying to kill it myselft. Thanks again man :D
Carried my Sirus, helped me a lot. Thanks again!
Handled my Mastermind 83, very safe, trustworthy and helpfull!
+1 on boss Sirus kill.

Cool guy

Seeya in game !
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Wrapped up my sim from wave 19-20 on the last TP. Very quick and nice.
Hi, a good guy
My awakened gemm was on the floor when i come back <3
super easy and cool guy. +1

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