Necroskels Emporium. (NA) Boss killing, Crafting, Chayulas

He killed the boss quickly and smoothly.
I saw NecroskelsTemplar post in /820 and asked if he could help with Simulacrum waves 16-20. He let me know that he doesn't normally do that, but as I had 2 portals left, he helped me clear the rest and get completion.

He cleared it no problems and even picked up the loot for me/dropped at the end. 10/10 will use again for other encounters.

Extremely recommended. Killed my first sirus. Would recommend to others if anyone want a quick and smooth kill. +Rep for Sirus run.
He did my elder/shaper full delirium maps, good price and quick, perfect recommendation! Thanks Necroskels!
Very helpful!! Also trustful when it comes to looting! Very nice service.
Just did my Elder, I wiped at the end and he didn't take my stuff. Not even the Watchers Eye. Really recommend!
Again a great carry, managed to save my botched attempt at Sirius 8 this time, and another awakened gem!

10/10 would die again and have him rescue me.
killed al5 awakener fast and ez
Kill A8 Sirus extra fast)
Good and fast service

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