Necroskels Emporium. (NA) Boss killing, Crafting, Chayulas

Dude is legit.
+rep, nice and safe
great guy! I did everything quickly! I advise everyone!
great boost, informative too thanks
Nice guy! Killed my Sirus A8 fast and left all the loot for me.

Would highly recommend.

Great guy! Killed monster level 86 temple Atziri for my non reflect immune build, recommended!
Absolutely lovely poe keeper. Made simulacrum double boss in about 1:30min. Lovely work, great build. Clean and stylish :)
I got a Sirus Carry and it was seamless. He gave me the loot Awakener orb and Awakened meelee splash.
Actually the PoE equivalent of the good Samaritan. Absolute legend, everybody who gets a free carry from him should feel obligated to tip him.
nice boss job

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