Necroskels Emporium. (NA) Boss killing, Crafting, Chayulas

That's a nice guy! recommend that player for sure
Super friendly. He didn't have the recipe I was looking for so he asked one of his buddies to craft it for me. Thanks again!
Quick, efficient, polite, and fair. Everything you could want in a carry service.
Fast & Reliable thanks!
Great carry. Super nice guy. Ty!
Trusted doublecorrupt service +1 (brick tho)
Really good dude. Fast an reliable! Would recommend 100%. (and he didnt steal a solid drop)

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Nice servive, Honest player!
This guy is legit, I would highly recommend his services.

Got achievement credit for killing Atziri in the Temple of Atzoatl.
Great guy! thx a lot

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