Scion Aurabot 3.10 - Caps all defenses 90% and increase DPS 7-8x

6k ES is not a problem.

100% chaos resist.
capped element resists
I'm currently at 80% phys reduction and 68% chance to evade, which is easiliy capped with a flask.

I feel much safer now in this setup with ES regen than I ever felt with 10.000 ES and having to wait on ES recharge to kick in.

Don't forget that this setup has 1300 ES regeneration per second on stats.
But its actually more. The watchers eye gives 29% increased recovery which lowers the '1 second' period.

So unless 3 massive physical criticals would land within the exact same 0.7 seconds. But i haven't encountered that.
Also remember you have 2 golems and an animate guardian to distract.
And your carry does 8 times more damage: he wipes everything clean.
And at some point, damage is meaningless, most carry's I'm with kill bosses immediatly after the 5 seconds of not being able to die.

And lets not forget molten strike on CWDT. Because we have 9 gems in our hands instead of 6, we are able to add that. I get 5000 extra hitpoints from that.

I also use Doedre's elixer, Having 3 endurance power and frenzy during mapping all the time which gives 12% additional phys reduction, and more dmg to my carry.

Now look at the popular templar build:

and compare it to my stats:

Phys reduction x3
We have ES regeneration every second, instead of wait 2 seconds to start.
We have 2000 ES less, but 5000 hidden hitpoints on molten strike.

If I haven't convinced you by now, I don't think I can ^^
This is absolutely no glass cannon.

I'm gonna try to delve as deep as possible with this build and try and find its limits.
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Most powerful aurabot I've ever seen in the game. Actually insane.

Damage and life without aura

Damage and life with aura
dosap wrote:
Hey, thank you for the guide, gives a good basic understanding on what to do.

Do you use the Brine King to deal with stuns?

I am starting to bring the build together and I was thinking of going:
1. Shavs+Chayula+Prism Guardian, because of the potential higher ES (orienting on one of Snaps builds or
2. Your approach with -RMR on amulet and shield + Ephemeral edge to start with

And I am not sure about what medium and small jewels to use. You put the pure guile and pure aptitude on small jewels so you have more places for the passives which are exclusive to medium jewels, right?

Mainly I am wondering whether 6k ES is enough but on the other hand you made it to 100, so thats probably not a problem.

I was so focussed on the 6000ES question that I totally skipped the rest.

1) Brine King: No, Havent got problems with stuns so to fix it. And I don't need 'panic buttons', ES regeneration continues regardless of stun.
Actually running behind a carry that is 8x stronger doesnt leave much to stun you.

2) I think shav and chay are totally not worth it and sound like a detour.

3) pure guile and aptutide can be found on medium clusters since latest patch (1 day after i wrote this) but you can only find stalwart commander on small ones. So i still prefer guile and aptitude on small clusters.
Alright, thanks for the replies! Just saw that you have the pantheon info in the starting post.

I am currently copying your jewels without corruption for now until I have the currency to buy bulk. I really hate trading sometimes :D
What auras would you drop until I have the corrupted jewels? Curently I am running Vitality and Discipline with Watcher's Eye and Purities for defense and three offensive auras + Golems.

I think you could use a Soul Catcher for Vaal Skills and elemental flasks for even less elemental damage taken or enduring mana flasks with immunities, thats what i am going for probably because I don't like flask piano.
Vitality (ES regen), Discipline and purities of fire/ice/light I count as mandatory auras.
Keep all offensive auras on you run in your Victario Influence: Thats where are all the damage auras is focussed, while it has 0 to almost 0 mana reserved.

My guess would be:

1st) Remove any Empower gem, they increase mana reserved by 125%
2nd) Spider aspect - each aura gives 1% phys red, 2% atk speed from ascendancy skills and 4% dmg if you have the bow (there is also 2% dmg per aura in a one handed sword/mace)
But spider aspect is not an aura. So better to use ur mana capacity for auras.

3th) Flesh and stone - 25%
4th) Dread banner / war banner - 10%
5th) Purity of elements - 35% Maybe if you have 1 Pure commanders for the time being in your jewels, purity of elements becomes overkill >130%
6th) Determination/Grace both 50%, i wouldnt recommend turning these off, but it is possible
7th) Clarity or precision lvl 1, they dont cost much but still add to all the bonusses per aura. i wouldnt recommend turning these off.

Clarity and precision have a fixed amount of mana reserved which increases per level. keep them running at lvl 1 till you have enough RMR.
A tip on trading fast. Because lets face it, buying this many jewels is a chore no1 likes.

1) dual screen: 1 with trade window, 1 with path of exile running. you dont want to alt tab all the time.

2) Do NOT use I learned this league that official trade is much more up to date. Meaning you get more invites per spam.

3) Don't type "Thank you" all the time. Convert the message mentally and hope he/she recieves it.

4) Save your searches in your browser: SO you can quickly look again tomorrow.

5) Whisper the next person or two, before you enter the trade of current person. So that you can immediatly join the next party when you finished trade.

6) Do not ask for trade and wait it out. You join their HO and do some inventory management. Break chaos stacks of 10 if needed, or dump your last 15 trades in stash, or spam the next person. They will request trade and you are ready.

7) If multiple invites, try look at who is in HO, and who has a name you can easily find and reply again. Chinese names I often give priority and pm the name who i can type. If a guy is in Azurite mines, you might have to wait a minute in his HO before he is ready to trade. So better accept party from the other guy, and PM the guy in the mines you still want to trade in 1 minute.
jo thanks for the build i try to copy xD

whats with body armour and gloves + gems cant see it :/
I have lvl 95 scion and about 60ex to spare, can i get this build roll in a decent way with that much?
Best regards
lordflexxxer wrote:
jo thanks for the build i try to copy xD

whats with body armour and gloves + gems cant see it :/

Sorry I fixed that now.
Updated old gear with text.

And also showing my new gear, made some important changes that really improved things defensively.
FentanylumMD wrote:
I have lvl 95 scion and about 60ex to spare, can i get this build roll in a decent way with that much?
Best regards


I suggest to start craft some cluster jewels as explained first.
They are the hardest part. Also, if buying gear all your money is gone immediatly, while with corrupting cluster, you get money back from sales, sometimes even profit.

Most expensive equipment cost around 15-20 ex range.
But there are cheap alternatives along the way.

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