3.10 Impale Power Siphon Champ - 20 Mill Shaper DPS - 2.5K regen - Extremely Tanky

Raîzo wrote:
how do you get such good physical wands? i dont get any good ones so far...they allways have crappy caster stats

I just saved up and bought the ones I have. I don't really have experience with SSF so not sure what to tell you tbh. Made the build only with trade league in mind.
Hey I've saved up 90ex, do you think it's gonna be enough for a good variant of this build?
Martower wrote:
Hey I've saved up 90ex, do you think it's gonna be enough for a good variant of this build?

Yes definitely!

Got all gear ready to try this out!
its worth to try to build it to nice clear map and kill bosses for 5ex?
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its worth to try to build it to nice clear map and kill bosses for 5ex?

I think this build costs way more than 5ex to put together even going max budget.

Just the LCJs cost 3ex each for the good ones (with 4th mod = Vicious Skewering to save 2 skill points each). The bad ones are 1ex each.

The MCJs are about 190 each; not easy to roll either (I gave up on making even one after 500 alts). Mob Mentality + War Cry is the rarest combo by weight.

Because it runs so unique rings, there's a quite a bit of pressure on resists too.

The circles of guilt, the Watcher's Eye, good High Templars, and splodey chests are just nice-to-haves. You can probably get something with 1/4th of the damage by skipping these.


Personally I'm more than 100ex deep into my tweaked (swords-based) version of the build and am only 1/10th of what I've theorycrafted in PoB. I'm out of money so I'm back on my main to run some more sims ;). It's possible Power Siphon is just the better skill btw, but it's mainly my gear is holding me back right now.

BTW how are you all sustaining mana.

I was having issues. My main attack was 4 APS @ 25mana = 100 mana / sec. Plus, I'm spamming Enduring Cry which costs me 26 every 1.52s. = 17.1 / sec. Meanwhile I was regenning something like 85/s which is less than 117/s.

I got a Precision Multi + Clarity reduced mana cost for 7 ex. Running an L1 clarity to trigger the -10 mana cost completely fixed my mana. I feel like you need either a -mana cost warlord chest or this watcher's eye.

Edit: Another issue is that I think this build wants to cap out chaos resistance. We don't have the EHP to tank it unmitigated. We're all about that mitigation + regen thing. So keep that in mind.
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Ok, so for computing single target bosses that are standing in consecrated ground and Bottled Faith is on (this is realistic pretty much for just the guardians, shaper, elder, metas, and conqs except Al-Hezzim), I crafted up to 35m sheet: https://pastebin.com/N5Re3D3a

For Sirus and other guys who move a lot or have multiple phases with no flask refills, I don't think Bottled Faith is going to be on most of the time.

After crafting that I wanted to get realistic about how it will feel in maps and 5-orbs if fully pushed.

So, I took off bottled faith and consecrated ground, because we don't want to be standing still long enough for that to matter while speed clearing, and we can't be standing still for that long in 5orbs.

Then, I'm not super happy with how Lancing Steel clear feels unless I wear a Fury Valve. I mean it's *ok*, but not the best. These problems I fix with Dying Sun (replacing Bottled Faith) and Fury Valve + Chain. For power siphoners, I recommend giving Fury Valve + Chain a try to see how it suits you. Note that Fury Valve + Pierce is anti-synergy but Fury Valve + more proj and Fury Valve + chain is great synergy. If you have splodey chest it may not make a difference.

For me right now it definitely improves clear a lot and I expect I'll always run this. Like I said, QoL over all. It's just a cleaner clear with less targetting if I do this. Anyway if I switch to that setup I'm down to 19.6m sheet DPS in maps. I think that's still going to feel fantastic.


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What do you guys think about berserk uptime vs a berserker. What's the difference in uptime percentage? I'm too tired to do the math
I just timed mine which is not perfect because I don't have 21/23s or l4 empowers where they could be.

Currently it's on for ~21s on average, and off for 3.91s with perfect play. That's 85% uptime.

It's expensive, but you could get a Beserk reduced rage helm enchant as well. 40% reduced rage should let it run for 22.1/.6 = 36.8s.

3.91 / (36.8 + 3.91) = .10. So with that enchant you'd be at 90% uptime.

The only problem with the downtime is that you're significantly more vulnerable. Otherwise you'd hardly notice the damage loss.

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