3.10 Impale Power Siphon Champ - 20 Mill Shaper DPS - 2.5K regen - Extremely Tanky

Managed 36/40 and quitting, if anyone is interested I'm selling all the gear for the build

Feel free to add me, have fun everyone!
Hi! do you have any budget alternatives for this gears?
Was wanting to try this build out for 3.11 Harvest but gotta wait for patch notes on how mob mentality + cry wolf nerf is being treated. Also your thoughts on going gladiator instead of champion for moar zoom zoom?

Was thinking of using this as my mapper.
why dual wand?
I played this build in 3.10 Delirium and loved it! How hard did it get nerfed in 3.11? Is it still viable in 3.12?

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