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don't forget to mention those immortal ultra fast regen secret builds in standard with amazing damage ( you can kill them but need at least 2 mirrors gear ) probably they going to be much more tanky with some cluster jewels

and ive seen vaal blade vortex in CTF , it follow you all the area and ignores some obstacles on the ground
i popped on for the first time in a year or so and SR did kill me easily enough, but it seemed about the same as i remember. but for all i know, it was nerfed since then.

i was incapable of killing anyone at all, though. which i found amusing. looked like i could barely even damage anyone with the same setup i used back then.

i was getting instakilled by something (golem bombing?) that was so fast i could barely tell what it was.

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...it was quotes. from the forum. lolz!
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