Bam29 wrote:
100% you can do it.

This is the best slayer impale 1H build i have ever played. Thanks a lot to Rinat!
And very budget friendly. I already invested about 60 Exa in it and it feels good!
You all can do it!

No Problem BRO!

This looks dope. Can it run T19s with some juice?
smallholes wrote:

Сan you elaborate?

With the nerfs coming to Starforge, cyclone and crit multi I’m anxious about how heavily it will impact this build. Was hoping to use this as a league starter
не плохо, не плохо, а следующей лиге им реально будет играть? Билд понравился. Сейчас правда еще не все купил на стандарте.
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25ex is now a budget build!!! fml
Как сделать так что бы можно был посмотреть изображения или текст.А то все время выскакивает слово Шоу ,а когда нажмешь на него то тоже шоу но уже по английски.
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does this build still efficient ? i don't find it on poe ninja
its nerfed starforge and cyclone .. its still viable in Harvest ?

lose immune to stun :S
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can I get a updated tree for 3.11? The tree in the image is not 3.11 but past and the pob you need to be on for me to get it.
Tied of trying to figure out iLVL or DPS in game. Check this out

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