[PS4] 3.10.1d Patch Notes

Aaw yiis. Love me some quality of life updates.
Thank you very much for the massive QoL feature!

But please get more servers, its unplayable most of the days. I can only play at morning or night when less people play poe on ps4. 😅 I play hardcore btw. 😉 PS4 Pro does not seem to have much problems with delirium so far, just once had some bigger grafic issues yesterday before the patch.
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Death Aura tooltip fix? :((
Massive thank you for showing that you care about console <3 These QoL-features are amazing, really makes it so much easier. And the game runs better with every patch, at least on my ps4 pro. My OG ps4 still have some framerate issues.

Suggestion for next QoL-feature: something to make it easier to navigate inventory tabs? With all these premium tabs, it takes a while to move from one end to the other when cleaning up the dump tabs and sorting loot :<

Stay safe, everyone.
Great additions, thanks! Next QOL update I would really like that next to the negotiable price that you can set now that there is an instant buy/sell price option to set on an item.

There is now often moments when I'm in a delve, simulacrum or ascendency trial run and can't really get to market fast to accept an offer or even can't leave the trial run for example.

As well as the fact that there are people who decline their asking price offers just to lower the price on the market with fake low offers. Or decline their asking price and increase the price.
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hey hire me so i can test your game for you and actually play the endgame content basically the updates on here are sad

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