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I tried to recreate the issue and understood what was going on :D

Thing is in the POB I provided there is multiple Flicker links (2Ex/20Ex/Luxury). The last 2 feature a linked Combustion gem.

POB will assume the enemy is permanently affected by the Combustion debuff while these links are active, even if you do try to simulate a swap with Fortify in one of them.

So, first thing is to only keep one Flicker main link active at a time, then try to swap Oro's / Gem. If you do that with the 20Ex template, you'll see the Flicker DPS jump from roughly 2M to 2,8M so around 40% more.

I'll try to fix that in the POBs in the next days.
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I absolutely hate to be this guy, but I think this may be useful for some people who are struggling with POB. Basically, I may have cognition problems, preventing me from calculating my DPS in POB correctly.

If I am not mistaken, completely unbuffed I have 300k DPS, and completely buffed, I have 2M dps (normal, not boss).

Is it correct, that I should go into "configuration" and set up all the sweet bananza there? Like frenzy charges, Onslaugh/Fortify/Tailwind?

And even so, IF I am doing those sweet 2M DPS, it still feels like t13-15 bosses and conquerors take longer than they should, like 40-80 seconds.


And Im very aware that its mostly all over the place, and is quite low on life :P

The build's been working fine for me for the most part minus some minor stuff I'm working on, but a constant thorn in my side with this build is that against some bosses (usually ones that don't spawn adds), I build frenzy charges extremely slowly. That is to say, if I don't go into the fight with max frenzy charges, they'll build very slowly or sometimes just not fast enough for Flicker Strike to work with. It's mildly annoying and obviously directly impacts my survivability. To clarify, I can sustain Frenzy charges, but building more against a boss without any other monsters involved generally ends up with me building up my Frenzy charges very slowly or not at all.

I'm considering how to solve this issue and the most obvious solution I can think of might be to increase my chance to ignite with my ring or something. In-game tells me I have 45% chance to ignite on my main hand while PoB is telling me I have 75%. Statistically speaking, you'd think this would average out to an ignite nearly every use of Flicker Strike thanks to Multistrike, but this doesn't appear to be the case (or the boss is blocking the hit or avoiding the ignite sometimes).

Do you have any insight on this issue? Here's my PoB:


I might as well mention that all of your Pastebin imports (even the budget one) assume that Consecrated Ground is active. Given that Bottled Faith isn't a budget option, it might be a good idea to disable that toggle on the 2ex and 20ex build variants to more accurately represent DPS; toggling it literally lowered my DPS by 200k (which just goes to show how impactful Bottled Faith can be, I guess).

Your POB configuration looks mostly correct but one thing : you don't have set up distance to enemy, soyour Close Combat support doesnt calculate. Your gear is good enough to handle T14+, but probably not super comfortably yet due to low life => pay attention to map mods for now!. I think this is mostly a matter of execution.

=> Start by reviewing my post p16 for single target issues

=> Get Wise Oak + resist rebalance (+8% DPS)

=> Try to get Combustion somewhere on your totems as long as you dont have it on your main link for a significant enemy debuff (+20% DPS)

=> Get some extra (500ish) accuracy (+8% DPS)

=> You currently have a couple of unefficient points (Survivalist, 30 Int, Fire cluster, Blade Dancer is not terrible but not OP). Try to get 2 of Tribal Fury [or +1 strike gloves] / Disciple to the Slaughter / Good fire cluster, and all 3 by your lvl 94. All of them greatly help.

If you want an extra quick boost while you catch up on gear, you can also swap Melee splash for Ruthless on bosses (+40% ish DPS)

Apply everything above, and I guarantee you'll feel the difference ;-)


The frenzy generation will improve as your crit chance ramps up (a crit guarantees an ignite, hence the PoB calculation), when you add Combustion to your main link (almost 100% to ignite even on non crit), and much later on as you get Awakened Multistrike (4 repeats instead of 3).

Also, be cautious not to accidently interrupt your first few attacks by issuing a move order, as that would increase the frenzy charge consuption.

For Bottled Faith : you are correct regarding the configuration, but that should not impact DPS as nothing else in the build works with consecrated ground.
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Thank you very much for your insight!

Most of those small things are a matter of shortcuts I went thru while buying random gear, but now I know what to exactly focus on.

Ive been using Wise Oak, but had to drop it because my resistances went all over the place trying to get "better" gear.

Also, what is Blade Dancer? And whenever I have more mani, Ill get a proper fire damage cluster Jewel with cremation, but they are actually quite pricy!

Another note - could you explain more the point of Tribal Fury/+1 to Enemies targeted by strike skills? I used gloves with that mod, along with the notable itself for some time, but after removing them, I havent noticed any damage drops or clear being any slower. I think it actually went a bit faster, because it helped me afford more dps and life.
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Thanks for this build. I have a question what to change to more dps?
I'm a newbie player this is my build https://pastebin.com/XaDmVEtN
Can someone help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong? I am new ... I am building this build because I love flicker striker ... I can farm corrupt 15 tiers without problems ... but in single target my damage is much lower ... I have not managed to kill the last conqueror baran in 3 occasions ... I don't hurt him enough and I die of 1 hit ..
this is my pastebin.


Thank you.
Agree with Baran. So much problems with him. I think only solution is more DPS.
Took a quick glace at both of your PoBs.

I've edited my post from page 18 and quoted it at the bottom of this post - this can now be used to find general weak points of the build during mid-late Atlas progression that can be fixed/upgraded.

First off, both of you do not have Inspired Learning which is very helpful for clear speed and needed for pushing high map tiers quickly. This is a key jewel especially for pushing delirium to the max effortlessly. Jewels in general are important and more importantly they need the correct combination of stats to be benefical.

Remember, you are sacrificing a passive skill for that jewel slot. If you don't stack the proper stats you are wasting the passive skill point.


You have both Tribal Fury and Strike Skills mod on your gloves. You only need one or the other. You can refund those 4 points and redistribute them. You aren't using cluster jewels and that is the major source of DPS you are missing. You need to pick up at least 1 cluster with the correct combination of notables so you can distribute those points in the life wheel to be better utilized.

Fix your flasks. You should only be using 1 life flask. You can get rid of your 2nd Bismuth flask since you have Wise Oak. Proper flasks are crucial to all builds.

Finish leveling your gems, it seems you're still in a place where you just need to keep playing/farming. It might feel daunting as a new player, but it is necessary if you plan on being successful in PoE with any character.

20/20 your gems, fix your flasks, add in a cluster jewel or two and you'll be well on your way to end game.


If you are having problems with Conquerors - gem swap to Cyclone so you can avoid boss mechanics. It will be slower, but you should still be able to progress. Pretty much trying to face tank any major boss ability on this build will result in death.

Your cluster jewels are lacking a notable each. Try to re-roll for 3 notables on each or get new ones.

Your regular jewels aren't that great either - flat fire damage is OK at best, but this mod can be reduced by a lot of game mechanics - such as +#% monster elemental resistances.

This goes for both of your builds:

What we really want on jewels is some form of Critical Strike Multiplier, #% life, and some from of %# Increased Damage. Whether it's Global, Swords, or Two-handed Crit Multi/Damage, it doesn't matter. Crit Multi is important for single target DPS and jewels are one of the only sources where we can get it.

Generalized points in the build to check if struggling in red-tier maps:

Teejay137 wrote:
1.) Try to get "Non-Channeling Skills have -# Mana Cost" on your rings so you can anoint Frenetic on your neck. Extra frenzy charges are a large source of DPS.

2.) Check if your accuracy is low. If you can spare the mana level up precision a couple of levels to help - or get + Accuracy on your gear.

3.) Spiked Gloves - 20% Melee Damage

4.) Check your gem setups. Make sure they are correct and that you are using Totems correctly for single target DPS. At a minimum you should be using 5L totem setup by T15/16.

5.) Are you using The Wise Oak while having fire resistance be your highest so you get the added %# Fire Penetration?

6.) Quality your gems and flasks.

7.) Nearby Enemies have -9% to Fire Resistance modifier on helm. Easy to craft with Harvest Fire modifier chaos spam. If the item already has Fire Resistance on it, it's pretty easy to guarantee the augment if you block the rest of the prefixes and only have a suffix available.

8.) Stygian Vise + Abyssal Jewel

9.) Are you using Jewels/Clusters in the passive tree?

If you run two clusters you can divide up what notables we need between the two. You want 3 notables on each that at a minimum combined give you Feed the Fury and Fuel the Fight. Then you can take your pick of secondary notables depending on what you can afford/what is available.

10.) Go to Page 16 of this thread. Read what Heinarc posted here.

Bonus points:

Tailwind on boots and Awakened gems.

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To reiterate on the advice above about jewels - I picked this little guy up for 3ex a few minutes ago.

I hit 96 so I was able to get another jewel socket. This jewel increased my DPS by over 400k while giving 7% life. That's pretty good use of a passive point considering all the other options.

I could have gotten a flat 5% life node (100 HP) or flat 12% increased Two-Handed Damage (80k DPS)... while neither are bad, they're just no where near as good as a well rolled jewel.

The jewel above is probably worth 4-5 regular passive tree points, maybe even 6 if you include the + all attributes considering our build is attribute point dependent on Strength and Intellect to use our gems at max level.

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