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Quick question - How are you managing to sustain mana before Elreon rings? Even with Essence Sap anointed, the 7-L corrupted flicker mana cost outpaces my mana leech by a wide margin even without ancestral protector up. It's still more DPS than the 6L version, but my attack rate is heavily limited. It looks like at my current stats, I'd need 270 mana leech per second, but cap out at 206.

Given how much mana I'm burning through, i'm not entirely convinced Elreon rings will let me unanoint Essence sap, either.
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Early on we use a point in "Life and Mana Leech" for the .4% of attack damage leeched as life and mana to help. There were several points when leveling up through maps I was putting extra points into more mana leech (Mana Leech and Spirit Void) to compensate for not having ring enchants. I never used Essence Sap for an anointment.

Eleron rings make a HUGE difference. I'm essentially done with the build minus a few double-influenced items and only have 71 base mana leech - 142.2 per second.

This is plenty and I have almost no mana issues - once in a while I'll hit a stutter depending on map mods such as 60% less recovery.

If you are not using cluster jewels you need the node from the life and mana leech wheel. When you upgrade to clusters you need Fuel the Fight and Feed the Fury to replace the life and mana leech wheel.

Fuel the Fight gives you the mana leech - this is a must. On top of that it gives you A LOT more damage than having those points in the life/mana leech wheel. You could probably get away without the life leech, but I haven't tried that so I'm not sure what the results would be.

Other than these two notables I do not have mana leech anywhere else in my build. I do have +1 mana on kill on one of my rings, but there is no need for it. It's just a better than having a bad/useless mod.

You can get + Mana on kill on rings and gloves to help if you are struggling that much.
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@Invisible pants

I'm just copy-pasting my p2 comment about mana, maybe I should put it in the main guide :)

Maths with the 20ex POB gear [3.10 build version] :
Mana cost with corrupted Oro's : 68. With 2x (-10 cost) = 48
Attack speed : 10,5 attacks/sec with multistrike, so 3,5 casts per second.
=> Mana consumption = 168/sec (instead of 240/sec without the crafts)

Mana leech rate + mana regen = 152/sec. Delta = -16/s, with 150 mana unreserved you can only sustain flicker for 6sec at full speed before getting slightly mana bottlenecked.

It will however not be a problem in real world, since you will also perform other actions in this time frame (laying down totems, dashing away to avoid shit) which will allow leech to instantly get you back.

So yes, Elreon's crafts x2 are usually enough by themselves, but that is quite close. Avoid stacking too much AS on gear (from jewels, gloves, rings, Tailwind boots...), it's not a bad DPS stat but we already get a crazy amount through frenzies/onslaught and you might indeed find yourself slightly mana bottlenecked.

I'd try to only get Tailwind boots cause the buff is crazy, but avoid picking anything more than that. Awakened Multistrike also helps a little, making flicker repeat 3 times instead of 2 per cast, reducing a bit mana consumption.
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Hi, thanks for the build guide, iv just started this build and am at lvl 78 already able to do t14 maps(with a couple of deaths lol)

Couple of questions, as im ssf im running phys variant, currently using starforge - just wondering at which point dps wise would a phys rare 2hander perform better than my starforge(which is 574dps) and what is the best base to craft a 2h on (karui chopper/maul?)

Also how important do you think impale is for this physical version?, I am thinking it will a lot easier for me to build without impale, but might be too much of a dps loss.

For the phys variant, Swords just looked to net better results in POB despite lower face DPS, the passives are just more convenient to get and more powerful for the build. Exquisite Blade is the best base due to the base crit and huge chunk of crit multi.

Impale is 80% more DPS for me for a 8-passive investment, and is applied instantly. I don't think you can really go wrong with that either :pD

Gz for your Starforge, it's not common in SSF :D

Here's how to craft better :

- Edit your loot filter to pick up 5-6 bases. Ilvl = 83 is ideal, 77+ is fine.

- In you ideal sword, you want the combination of the following 5 mods : Flat phys, %increased phys, Hybrid phys as prefixes, and Crit + Attack speed as suffixes, all with the best tiers possible.

- Spam Harvest craft "reforge with phys/more phys modifiers" on them until you hit a base with at least 2 of the above with T3+. Jagged fossils will also do if you Delve. If you happen to roll Merciless (170-179% increased phys), definitely save the base, it's very rare (1/700) and worth a fracture attempt.

- Once you get a combination of 2 promising mods, Harvest annul the rest and multi-mod (you'll need 3-4exalts and the top Betrayal crafts), after checking in POB if it's an improvement over your Starforge and worth your exalts.

Here's my current girl, 30-40% more DPS than a Starforge

For really top-end weapon, you want to manage to fracture a Merciless mod and craft on it. I should have such a crazy weapon to showcase soon if Harvest is kind :D
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ty for the reply, no doubt il be back soon to pick your brain some more :)

EDIT: Ran into an issue - anyone who knows flicker may be able to help here im guessing, but iv noticed tonight that sometimes my flickerstrike stops attacking, and my character stands still for a second or two before attacking again. Mainly encountering this on single target mobs(map boss) no debuffs are showing at the time, my mana is full(rarely drops below 50) and iv tried both "always attack without moving" on and off, also my latency is a stable 20-25...so unsure whats going on as last night this wasnt happening.

POB link if it helps: https://pastebin.com/rw9fWCtc (any critiques welcomed)

EDIT2: Its just flickerstrike cooldown, i assumed because i had +1 min frenzy charge it bypassed the cooldown but apparently not.
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Yeah, the guaranteed 1 charge from Disciple of the Slaughter can't be expended to bypass Flicker cooldown, so those 4 points are not high priority - they become very good only once you have 6/7 charges to work with.

The phys version does not have the Oro's modifier to help generating charges against single targets, so swapping to cyclone really helps against conquerors/guardians. You can also generate some charges with Leap Slam, but that feels a bit clunky.
Vigilant Strike might also be an option to trade Endurance charges for frenzies at the beginning of a fight, but I've not yet tried it.

Map bosses go down very fast without gem swap once you have enough DPS - just enter the arena with 6/7 charges and flicker them down to death.
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This is my first character/league and so far I really like this build. I feel like my DPS and survivability is a bit lacking, at least when facing bosses. Could someone take a look at my character profile and let me know what the biggest changes I could make? I feel like certain parts of my gear could use a big upgrade, but I don't know what to tackle first in terms of affordability and making the biggest impact.

Hey !

Thanks for your support !

In terms of gear, try to follow the gearing-up sections, they should be a good guideline to get the most out of your investments!

Right know, your probably want a first Watcher's Eye, Inspired Learning, and upgrade those rings to Vermillion's bases to get more HP. Buy the rings very basic (for example 75 life + a good Accuracy, Int... roll) and then upgrade the resists you need incrementaly with harvest.

Tailwind boots and a Hunter's Belt with 90Life/10% Inc life are also quite easy to Harvest craft for cheap as well.
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Build is extraordinarily fun. I've played for over a year now and never tried a Flicker Strike build, but always wanted to. It absolutely does not disappoint. I don't think I've ever cleared maps faster on any build I've played. I normally stop playing builds once my upgrades start costing multiple ex for a single piece, but I'm trying to force myself to stick with this one.

I haven't ventured into Sirus with it, because I have an EarthShatter Jugg who can just beat the shit out of him, but everything else has been an absolute breeze. Thanks for putting together such a fun build.

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