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Hey fellow exiles !

New here, I just read the build original post and never played FS nor raider. However I already played some evasion characters and the "96% mitigation against attacks" part left me wondering. So let's talk evasion :)

Looking at the lvl98 PoB, it says we have 92% evade chance (and 50% dodge, hence the 96% mitigation), which seems very high, considering we only have 8000 evasion (compare it to a QotF build where evasion is over 45000 and evade chance cap isn't even reached).

And the Survivalist passive node (+3% chance to evade attack hits) isn't even taken, which would grant (according to PoB) a total of 95% evade chance (evade chance cap).
2 passives points to evade 3/8 = 37.5% attack hits (+ some res and evasion) would seem quite OP (you could compare it to the 30% dodge and drawbacks of Acrobatics).
Yet I only see a mention of Survivalist on page 20 of this topic and it's to say to drop it because it's useless. Weird ?

Well, I think that the reason behind of all this is that PoB is lying to us, which is not very nice :(

Evasion math time :
We get ~1550 base evasion from gear and ~350 from level 98 base, total ~1900
We get ~320% increased evasion from our dex (~+50%), our frenzy charges (~+140%) and our tree (~+130%)
This gives us about 8000 evasion (1900+320%)
According to https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Evasion and considering enemies level 84 which have 538 accuracy, those 8000 evasion convert to 1-(538*1.15/(538+(8000/4)^0.8)) = ~37% chance to evade attack hits.
On top of that we get Rapid Assault ascendancy node (+5% chance to evade attack hits), total ~42% chance to evade attack hits.
So far so good, if we drop the Sand Stance from Flesh&Stone and the Avatar of the Chase ascendancy node, PoB tells us we have 42% chance to evade too.

If we take the Avatar of the Chase ascendancy node (30% more chance to evade if we have onslaught), we get 42*1.3 = ~55%. PoB says 55% too. Great.
If we don't take the AotC node but use Flesh&Stone, enemies are blinded, meaning they'll miss 50% of attacks. We would get a 100-(100-42)/2 = 71% chance to evade. PoB agrees.

But if we take both, we should have 100-(100-55)/2 = 77.5% evade chance.
PoB tells us we have 92% instead, because this evil thing calculates 100-(100-42)/2*1.3 instead of 100-(100-42*1.3)/2.
Meaning we'll get hit by attacks 2.8 times more often than what everyone believed in this thread so far.
I should try testing it, but I have no raider leveled atm :(

Funny stuff, when you search for ["avatar of the chase" blind] on Google, the second result is an issue report for PoB titled "Incorrect evade chance with Blind and Avatar of the Chase", dating back to 2017 and still open
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What in damnation... this looks correct! I got fooled by POB!

TL,DR : POB applies the 30% more evade chance from your ascendancy on the Flesh and Stone effect, which is incorrect.

Which mean the real chance to avoid attack damage from the build is between 85 and 90% (assuming around 2000evasion on your gear, before your HP pool, phys reduction and fortify).

This also mean the Survivalist notable is an excellent investment - I calculate it as a whopping 16% reduced dmg taken (on average) for only 2 passive points.

The extra 3% chance to evade on Elder rings could also be really good, and it can be guaranteed with Harvest crafting (only suffix tagged Defense).

=> I now need to dedicate a couple hours to edit everything, and I do not thank you for that :D

At the end of the day, I still assure the build functions very well :D. I trashed Simulacrum yesterday night and was only seeing my life move 3-5 times/wave - I assume flicker disjoints most attacks with the constant movement. I made it to lvl 98 and will likely try to push to 99.

My last rips were due to:
- Corrupted blood (slow on the button, can't just buy immunity in SSF)
- Shocking ground (50% increased damage taken + Betrayal intervention)
- Harvest juiced-up T3s (20M HP mob with corrupting blood, WTF)
- Super ignite from juiced up Enslaver (no immunity :x)
- Sirus Die beam (well... yeah)

Beware this kind of stuff, and you will be fine!

UPDATE: After further testing, it turns out all of the above is actually incorrect, and the actual mitigation against attacks is indeed in the 97-98% range. In PoB we should trust!
Clip to support it :

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Just wanted to drop a note to say that I've been playing this build almost exactly this league and it's been pretty fantastic. Full atlas completion and just got my first Sirus kill, made waaay more currency this league than any other I've played.

Harvest crafting made gearing up really smooth and it's going to suck when that's gone again. PoB says I'm at about 4.6M shaper DPS now.

The only deviation I made from your tree was I went for Heart of Oak, which gives a tiny bit of move speed, some stun avoidance/mitigation, and a 1% life regen at the cost of 2% life. Getting stunned while using cyclone was getting pretty annoying and that seemed to at least make it more manageable.
I'm trying to see which glove enchantment would be good for with bosses.

According to PoB I think these are my top candidates, just trying to see if I'm missing anything.

Trigger Commandment of Force on Hit
- 63k avg hit, 318k total dmg
- releases an arc of force in front of me, so assuming with flicker bouncing around, this will still always hit the enemy

Trigger Commandment of Force on Hit
- 70k avg hit, 350k total dmb
- this pierces and is projectile based, so not sure how much of the dmg converts to a single target (aka boss) being hit with it all

Trigger Commandment of Light when you take a Critical Strike
- the initial base dmg is 63k, total dmg is 345k, but if enemy is on the concentrated ground caused by this commandment, and i have my warchief totem up, this will increase crit chance so adds another 160k dps
- this only triggers when I take a crit strike, so should be very infrequent. With tree, items, and flasks I should have 90%+ evade chance meaning I have to get hit and that hit has to be a crit for this to be beneficial

I'm leaning towards the first option since it sounds like it'll give me most consistent dps to a single target, but wondering if I should go the third option since it's more of a safety outlet.

I'm at 1.3 million Flicker DPS and 5.5k hp, so don't get one shot all that often, but T16 and end game bosses still pose a problem. I'm training up Heavy strike atm to help with that, which currently is at 2.1million DPS, but flicker still feels a lil better for bossing.

Just came across this not long ago and been trying it in Standard on my level 91 Raider. Pretty amazing stuff. Doing maps in 1-2 minutes with ease is pretty addicting. Some of the gear I cant find for sale in Standard (and I am not a crafter) but even with not all the tip top gear, I blew through doing ALL maps rare/corrupted fairly easily. My skill tree is a bit different as well (I took the 3 points to beef up Onslaught even more and used three Grand spectrum jewels for now till I can find 3 good jewels).

I strictly used FS for everything so I ripped to the dsync, insanity bouncing sometimes (and things like double bosses with stupid nasty mods), but overall, I was able to kill every boss on the Atlas, even the double bosses beefed up. If I just mapped and didnt try to kill every boss regardless of map mods (I played some crazy mod maps), I think I would never die. I never knew Flicker could be so amazing. Thanks for sharing! This makes me want to play Raider/Onslaught forevermore, trying variations of this build for different weapons/skills...

I did have one question, since I dont have the gear to get Tribal Fury yet, is it worth dropping Acuity to get Tribal Fury?

Also, I am trying to max out Chaos Resist, and chaos/hp type gear is crazy expensive in Standard. Do you all play with high chaos resist?

I also use The Taming as one of my rings. And a big INT ring as my other. Is there something better than the The Taming for a second ring?

I wish I could find an Oro with the Fortify corrupt on it, but none seem to be for sale in Standard.
Hey, thanks for your support guys !

Following the latest "real evade chance controversy", I actually took time to test it against the i83 boss of the Chateau Map. And it turns out POB is correct, the actual evade chance of the build is indeed 95%.

(you need roughly 2200 evasion rating on your gear to cap at 95%. If you have less, spending 2 points to spec Survivalist and cap out should be well worth it)

And you have 40%dodge on top of that, even a bit more with the Quartz Flask and Elusive boots, so actual chance to take damage from an attack is between 2 and 3%. Not bad for a defensive layer !

Clip to support it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9Su0tRUGgY


There was a bit of discussion about single target DPS in the previous pages of the thread, so dont hesitate to navigate a bit.
Basically attention to map mods, totems and flasks set up are important when you do not yet crush everything within seconds.
If you want to try out another bossing skill than cyclone, you can give Tectonic Slam a shot, it performs quite well with all the fire scaling we have.

For the gloves enchants, Commandment of Force sounds better, but I honestly have not spent time theorycrafting that.


- Tribal Fury is awesome, try it! I'd not drop Acuity for it, but rather the Blade of Cunning or Blade Dancer wheels, or even a couple of HP nodes.

-Chaos resist is quite easy to acquire in league thanks to Harvest craft, but it's likely extremely expensive in Standard. Don't worry too much about it though, even with -60% you can make it to lvl 95. Just be aware of it and avoid chaos dmg as much as possible (Hunter's fight, certain Metamorph samples...)

-The Taming is an excellent DPS ring but lacks life. I would prefer a solid Vermillion Ring even without as much dmg on it, but that's personnal preference.

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Hey all could you take a look at my build and point me in the next direction ? I invest quite a lot in it but can't beat flicker with flicker alone, should i go with cyclone just for sirus alone ? Got like 10ex left to play with
Hi. First of all thanks for the build. It's the first time I manage to get so far with flicker strike and I'm having a lot of fun.

Now, I have two questions about how to proceed:

Currently I'm using Disemboweling as my anoinment to avoid mana problems while I make my way into the engame and I've seen that the suggested anoinment is Frenetic as it gives +1 max frenzy charge which does make senese, but I've noticed that there's also Disciple of the Slaughter which gives 8% damagae for each charge and chance to gain a charge on kill on top of the +1.

It clearly would give a lot of extra damage and an at least one virtually guaranteed charge on killing your fist pack on a map once stacked with the rest of charge generation sources.

Is there any particular reason why that's not the recommended anointment instead? It's clearly more expensive but it's not really that expensive once you go into the 20ex margin.

What would be the best next step into upgrading my gear? I'm thinking that -# mana cost rings are the next logic step if I want to tackle T12+ maps but I was wondering what would be the most I should pay for each one. I also have a problem where if I were to replacee my rings my resistances would suffer a lot pumping up the average cost of the rings I would need to replace my current ones. I'm thinking about farming Elreon myself but I haven't had much luck. I would aslso consider overhawling entriely my gear but I don't have a lot of currency left right now. Here's my current gear for reference into what would be a good move.


I also have Inspired learning and both clusters as close as possible to the recommended ones

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long text
Kurohade wrote:
For those who are looking to level with this build, I will add some tips. Use Daresso's passion and shark dance for perma frenzy through levelling. I literally killed stuff while moving lol. Here is my levelling setup that I am using from lvl 1.

Im now levelign and want to ask how do u use all 4 auras (1 curse 3 auras) I cant fit anger in as it uses 50% mana and I have like 35 left
Yes, I recommend you to switch to cyclone specifically for the Sirus fight. The various degen zones/die beams makes him a pain if you are flickering all over the place. You do not need any specific gear, just follow-up the gearing-up section for the most cost-efficient upgrades.

As with all builds, some chaos resist (easy to Harvest craft this league) and corrupted blood immunity will make this fight easier.


Regarding mana consumption, you can spend 2 passives points to get Essence Sap while working on your Elreon's recipe.

For the annointment, Disemboweling is roughly as much DPS as Frenetic but doesnt come with the extra benefits of a Frenzy charge : a bit of move-speed and extra evade chance.

Regarding gear, I recommend you to follow up the gearing up section for the most cost-efficient upgrades at each stage.

Cheapest way this league is to harvest craft what you can : buy the base you need for a couple chaos (check ilvl and influence if needed) and spam "reforge with # modifier" until you hit a good combination of 2 or 3 mods.
Use craftofexile.com or pobdb.tw as reference for possible mods and mod tags.

Relevant examples for your gear :
- "Reforge with more life modifiers" => use it on a i84+ Elder Assassin's Garb chest. You are aiming for high life, 9-12% increased life and 5-6% life recovered on kill. An "augment attack" would then guarantee extra crit chance.
- "Reforge with more attack modifiers" => use it on crimson jewels
- "Reforge with an attack modifier" => use it on Vermillion rings
- "Reforge with a life modifier" => use it on i75+ Hunter's boots. If you hit 80+ life and 30% movespeed, an augment crit guarantees the Tailwind modifier.
- "Reforge with a fire modifier" => use it on a i85 Warlord's Lion Pelt. Once you have a good roll, an augment fire with already fire res on the item guarantees the -9% fire res modifier.

From there, clean up unwanted mods with the "remove #" crafts, and improve over the item with the more uncommon "augment" and "remove+add #" crafts until you are happy.

If you are leveling with a Tabula, any decent phys weapon should destroy everything to your lvl 67. If you do that, I recommend to keep the build physical (so don't spec in the elemental/fire nodes) until you can equip your Oro's.

You can use Pride (50%) and Flesh & Stone (25%) as levelling auras.
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