WTB: Cobalt Jewel - Fire Multi + Es + 2x Int Suffix

Hello Exiles,

I'm looking for specific Cobalt Jewels

Cobalt Jewel must have these 4 mods

1. % maximum energy shield (prefix)
2. +% Crit Multi with Fire Skills (prefix)
3. + 12-16 Intelligence (Suffix)
4. + 8-10 Int & str or dex (suffix)

The jewel must either be un-corrupted so that I can divine, or, if corrupted, have 8% es + 25+ int total

If you have a jewel that meets these parameters, name your price.

This is exactly like what I am looking for:

Either PM me on forums or whisper me in game @DeezyLive
My Builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2631660
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