MeHungryNomNom - Chayula and Uul-Natul's Pure Breach Runs / White Socket Service


I organize Chayula and Uul-Natul Breach Runs.

Leaving a thread for greatly appreciated vouches, to assure people I can be trusted.

I also do White Socket service with Vorici. You don't pay anything if it's only 1 white socket.

Thank you!
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3 white sockets ez
no scam
Great host!
Great host, super chill and quick. Would recommend!
Got 3 white sockets and a few harvest crafts. Great player.
Got Sirius carry like 2 times for free, including all the loot.
100% recommend, no scam
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Very nice and trustworthy host
Thanks again
Just got a remove/add speed harvest craft, went super smooth. Vouch this guy for sure. Thanks again.
With his help i was able to finish off another pair of boots the last day of the league.

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