Stream / Boss killing / helping / chill

I'm bnjee, french player (on EU realm - Paris).

I'm streaming my POE :

I offer boss killing or help on anything, sometimes i host some maps to Exp fast (Chayula, Beachhead ...).

You can add me to chill & complete challenges in each league !

Delirium was first league with boost and I kill Sirus more than 100 time with my brand old man.
In Harvest i up my Vortex girl to help you.
In Heist i'm back with old man aura stack EK 50+M damages sef buff (no vaal)


updated 30/09/2020


Current POB :
Sirus DPS :
> no vaal : 55M
> no vaal & no charge : 44M
> HO tooltip (no RF, no AS, no flask ...) : 2.8M


Prices in heist :

Loot are yous = fee // split loots : no fee

Sirus A7-8 : 30c
Cortex / Uber Elder / Mastermind : 20c
HOGM / Shaper / Elder : 10c
Conquerors A7-8 : 5c
UberLab split loot : 5c or Offering

Any lower boss / map, it's free, but you can tip is you are a good guy :D


Craft fee :

Craft cost > 1ex : 20c
Else : 10c


See you in game
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Killed a hunter and then Sirus for me very fast, big thanks
Sirius a7 done, no scam, fast and easy

Good and recomended.
Killed my lvl 8 sirus in 2 minutes or less. He is also streaming for the loot. Recommended.
thanks guys, happy to help you.
Last edited by bnjee on Apr 25, 2020, 3:42:43 AM
Helped my with Sirus. Highly recommended!
Fast kill on my a8 sirus, streams the kill, very friendly

Highly recommended!
Excellent carry, friendly and efficient!

Highly recommended.
Helped with Sirus. Patient (for those of you with wooden pc like mine). Recommended.
Killed my Aw7 Sirus fast

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