Celestial Bladestorm Effect

пог данк кул найс
cool effect
Celestial cyclone 2.0
Why can't we have more nature things or green stuff. I loved celestial stuff at first, but everyone has celestial stuff now, and its pretty much a lot of what I have. I don't plan on buying any more celestial stuff, so please stop making it for at least a league or something.
Why doesn't ice shot have alternate skill effect? I mean, I guess its only been in the game for 8 years or so.../s

But good work anyway, love most of these!
Last edited by onefyasko on Apr 23, 2020, 9:28:54 AM
Where Charged Dash MTX?
Cute... an MTX for a skill that never sees use...
Considering how awful the original skill looks and plays... I guess this looks nice....
No fun allowed.™
looks great
Finally!! I've been waiting for this mtx my whole life lol
"but i tell u its just fo' try, fo' peep n' fo' know"

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