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allies cannot die is total BS, today i was doing a delirium stage 20, got ganked by a cannot die rare with 20+ mobs and boss, i'm a necro with 10k es, max block, es on block, my zombies and skellys couldn't hit the rare and the lag was insane with 30 minions hitting immortal BS mobs, i died, got to the entrance all the mobs move there, my minions start hitting before i load, insane lag, insta death, again same thing... third time i spam flame dash before the load ends manage to move away from them, kite till the rare dies... easy game after that, this mod has to go, i'ts not fun or challenging... it's a pain to deal with and most of the times this gets you killed, fells like the game is cheating agains't you.

there's my 2cents GGG
I miss harvest, 36/40 never forget.

now i'm a main standard league player.
league content on standard when? GGG! show us some love.
dyneol wrote:
As a software developer I am sure you can get behind this little exercise:

What does "can not die" imply ?
is it
A) Monsters can not die
B) Monsters can not take damage

Please keep in mind that there are numerous potential effects that depend on damage dealt that would not apply if that aura works differently and for better or worse they want these effects to keep working even when the monsters is at 0 but cant die from it. Leech comes to mind. You can suggest a change in the way the aura works, but your silly ego trip does not really help the matter.

This exercise has a twist though. Would go with the wording of a game company if it violates common sense?

Just like Fruz and I said before. The concept of damage is a real thing. It has real meaning in the english language and in the gaming industry and it has a common sense understanding that every 5 year old agrees on yet GGG clearly violates with the "allies cannot die aura".

The concept of damage implies disadvantage to the victim in any form. If the victim has no disadvantage in any form then it takes no damage according to common sense but mobs in the "allies cannot die" aura still take damage according to this game. That is a huge contradiction.

Damage is not just a name for a data container, it is a concept in real world. If programmers decide to name some data containers after concepts then they should better make sure that it somewhat behaves like its dictionary explainations.

I am not an expert in programming but as far as I know naming data containers properly and according to common sense understanding of the english language is a good a habit.

So I think a good programmer would argue with Jonathan about this before writing any code.
Why is this thread bumped?

It wasnt me with this post, currently I am just a silent reader of the forum and now I see this thread at page 1 eventhough the last response was mine, and it was a month ago. Makes no sense

Was a response to my post deleted or what? I still care a lot about this game and the feedback forum discussions, I'm just just too busy with the Decentralized Finance literal GOLD RUSH at the moment (Uniswap gave people 1200$ just like that today, lol) to no life as much in this game as I did last year.

So yea, whats going on here?
demonstorm wrote:
People have huge problems with divine shrine and monsters cannot die mod from rares, as in the fps drops massively when we attempt to attack those monsters. The reason for that is because the damage is calculated regardless if the monster are affected by invulnerable sources. I don't even know how monsters cannot die is coded, [Removed by Support]

So, this is how you do it:

if (invulnerable) {
do not calculate damage //pseudocode

That is all. I'm sure your code is structured in such way that the above statement wouldn't be hard to implement [Removed by Support]

As for allied monsters cannot die aura, just do a check if monsters are below <1% hp or something and return false when damage is applied to them. By the seems of it, right now damage is calculated and THEN there's a check if monster is invulnerable or not. That's so bad. Why do you get paid lol.

So, when am I hired?

Lol you are stupid, if something can't be killed you just cut it to the pieces so its no longer a threat for you :D

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