3.10.1f Patch Notes Preview

at this point ... maybe GGG should just skip all leagues until PoE 2 ?

So that they, you know, can actually stop the "beta tests" and focus on implementing proper features and solutions to current problems. Like a new trade system (e.g. Auction House or similar), masses of garbage items cluttering everything, crashes, too many particles and stuff going on screen, etc. etc. ..

League after league now everything gets just worse and worse, with many obvious things being broken and even pointed out by the community beforehand ... So many design mistakes repeated over and over.

Someone mentioned 50m+ lines of code .. like seriously? I think this says it all that it's just a spaghetti code fiesta with so many bad design decisions / implementations.

TheDravic wrote:
In10se wrote:
Looks like you rock guys...only 6 pages of comments around...hahahahaah
How long you will not change the engine...this game will be a black hole of resources and $$$$...but is funny no one cares there.

How long you will not change the engine...


Do you understand the sheer amount of workload hours that went into creating the spaghetti code that is called PoE engine?

Reworking the engine from scratch would take roughly TWICE as much time, if they want to keep parity with the old databases of items and characters.

Answer to your question: It will never happen, unless they scrape all the old databases completely (just global wipe of everything that players own).

lmao, what has a database to do with bad code / system architecture?

Also, just because they invested tons into the current spaghetti code, doesn't mean it shouldn't be refactored. If they don't want to refactor, they should just stop releasing leagues altogether until PoE2 and actually focus on that to fix so many broken things and probably redesign stuff to not create Path of BrokenSpaghettiCode 2. It's an investment, but it's usually worth the effort, because it should make the game run smoother and have people return, or at least be not so utterly disappointed with the league and current PoE state.
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No fix for the swinging delirium portal? Just make it static and when run into it triggers. Terrible design oversight GGG.
Am I only one who misses the statement: "Currently, we are unable to fix broken league mechanic"?
T40K_Unnamed wrote:
Am I only one who misses the statement: "Currently, we are unable to fix broken league mechanic"?

Nope :) Me also.
Thank! But could you fix the bug in the playstation 4 version game. In the information tab on skills, information about the damage caused by the Death Aura (Death's Oath) skill is not displayed.
Pathological wrote:
Hirux wrote:
TreeOfDead wrote:

GGG pls make more client and server fixes!
also nerf some broken stuff... u know what

Imagine nerfing something midleague... Just wait 1.5 month mr redditor

We get it. Your FotM headhunter guardian doesn't want to be nerfed. You don't need to reply to everyone who threatens your precious.

You dont need to whine just beacuse u hate something. Why do you hate headhunter so much hmm ?

Does it make you immortal in normal maps ? Answer is NO

Does it increase your dmg when you equip it ? Answer is NO

By normal maps i meant (alch and go)

Im not here to change your mind, if you dont like something just keep that for yourself.
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Even with these minor fixes all the twitch clips and youtube build showcases from Delirium will show nearly universal zFPS moments and consistent fog stuttering. This game obviously can't run fog properly right now, please don't add it to core.
Buy the ticket, take the ride.
Rallos40 wrote:
Thresher Spectres no longer use their multi-slash skill.

Fixed a bug where Threshers didn't trigger projectiles with the second and third slashes of their multi-slash skill.


The spectres can no longer use the skill, the regular monsters can but it was broken. The second line does not specify spectres. Took me a minute as well.
> Illusionist Armour Set

Uh, oh, I bought this because it made me invisible so often, I hope they haven't ruined it.

I've never had performance problems with delirium, though I did find it a bit rippy for my taste. It sounds obvious, but you've tried different graphics card drivers (up or downgrade)? Enough ram? Poe is pretty CPU bound too, make sure yours is on parity with your graphics card.
Please fix the fog rewards dropping during elder guardians. If it drops in first or second room and you are not fast enough to loot, it is officially gone...

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