3.10.1f Patch Notes Preview

TreeOfDead wrote:

GGG pls make more client and server fixes!
also nerf some broken stuff... u know what

cant agree more
Finally Dash is corrected!!! <3
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Pog, finally some really needed fixes. Good Job GGG
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Did you fix Dash?

After the patch, my dash without second wind keeps rolling back now.
Fixed a bug where strongboxes that should always drop at least one map did not always do so.

Nice.... only 4.5 months to fix this
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Do you like the new League? No ty, I dont like "Survival" games! (STD best league ever)
Fixed a bug where the durations of invisibility and visibility applied by the Illusionist Armour Set had become inverted.

Im sad now
Fix the DAMN rolling back in predictive mode ffs. Focus on the server and overall gameplay and then do changes to the league mechanics. Keep dying cause of this shitty networking mode, cant take it any more.
League is still unplayable due to the massive clusterbomb of effects that overlap, garbage endgame boss and in general poor design - but thanks for improving visibility of chilled ground and updating that Voidfletcher description.

On death effects, stunlock, freeze, shaper beam/slam out of nowhere due to poor telegraphing, spinning blades, multiple projectile shotgun are all cheap shots on the player base by some lowkey asshole developer who has lost touch with gaming.
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lol i bet minions again will be nerfed while broken stuff will be same untouched haha
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