3.10.1f Patch Notes Preview

Still not fixed burial chamber mist, this fcking just a lol why u not fixing it?????? it already a month time has it layout bug.......
Fixed a bug where strongboxes that should always drop at least one map did not always do so.

Lol about time. I love how random shit unrelated to new league that use to work stops working in a new league.
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Still no bug fix for BC's underground section that cause Delirium to stop suddenly ?
No address about the suspicious Simulacrum splinters drop nerf? I mean, I did a bunch of maps managing to get up to 3 loot indicators to get barely 3 ~ 5 delirium splinters at the end of the mist duration... Is this a joke?
Half way through the league and we are almost out of beta testing.
Betrayal Targets now remove nearby ground effects when they are defeated.

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Souleus wrote:
rrurrer01 wrote:
someone will say that often patches is good - but i will say that your programmers are bad.

Let me know what 50M+ line bug free project is yours, I'd be fascinated to learn from it.

after 3 years of playing this game i have strong feeling that i play in "always beta" game.
sometimes its totally unplayable.
i quit this league and further until they will make some modern trading system - not this "waste your time" system.
here is how it looks like from words of one of the streamer Chistor:
"Chris Wilson decided to buy a bread and walks to the store, he sees the merchant and asks him to sell him one bread, but merchant turned his back to him and keeps silence. Chris asks again and again about 15 minutes, then merchant turns to him and says 'sold'." ))

but u keep eating this cactus.

Good to see more ongoing updates and support behind a great league. I would like to see more focus going into server & client related improvements like tree mentioned earlier in this post however. I'm starting to get very frustrated with constant de-syncs, crashes, and rubber banding, especially in a league like Delirium with so many on death effects that one-shot. My latency overlay looks like a heart rate monitor when mapping these days, yet every other game seems to work just fine.

Hoping POE2 also makes overall performance experience better as well, I'm literally playing without sound to improve FPS to something tolerable, and it made me feel so guilty and like I was missing out when I saw all the hard work and dedication being invested into sound when I watched "Behind the Music" with Kamil.

I'm still trying to convert more of my Diablo friends to come play POE, and the biggest objection from them has been performance, which seems like such a shame, given everything POE has to offer.

Keep up the good work, thanks for the continued support, and looking forward to future content & updates.
Why does the mist have to be timed at all? Zoomers still gonna zoom, so why can't everyone enjoy the game at their own pace? It really does fly in the face of the statement that GGG would like to slow down the game.. and then puts a timer on the key mechanic of the league.

Addressing this would resolve all the issues around phased bosses and interacting with other mechanics in the game like Betrayal masters. So why not make it easy on yourselves GGG, and enable a broader section of gamers to actually experience the game?

Totally agree with this.

Running a map with a delirium orb on it feels so much better than the regular hyper-speed ones.
Fixed performance degradation over time in the Simulacrum

This is the only performance fix?

I know several players that have been affected from day 1 by changes in the game that it's like rolling a dice to determine whether or not a zone will lag out or just completely freeze and crash. This was before getting to maps and before delirium is even triggered.

One friend could only complete the Simulacrum by being in a group and standing in the corner looking at the wall and pressing flasks every 5 secs with the atlas on-screen so the game didn't crash.

Something in the code was changed that made this league from the start incredibly bad for some players :( Players that could play Legion etc. easily now find the game is very frustrating and unstable.

Imagine doing just 3 Strand maps and 1 of them is going to crap out and be unplayable, literally the same map and not one with 8 mods and one with none. Then multiply that to your whole mapping experience for the league.

Really enjoying this league's gameplay, theme and feel but wishing friends were enjoying it too.
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