3.10.1f Patch Notes Preview

Mist during syndicate encounters should be paused until all interrogation choices are made, and also during alva encounter until you open incursion, so player can take as much time to read the choices as they like. Time limit on making choices that can ruin few hours progress on something is bad idea no matter what that time limit is. 10 seconds to interrogate 4 syndicate members leaves 2,5 sec per member, do you even think ggg?
Gravedirt wrote:
-Make the fog pause on bossfights, when combat is active
-Make the fog pause on research encounters, while you are in the encounter
-Make the fog FOLLOW the map layout, instead of going through a zigzag map in a
straight line
-Make the fog STOP when a delirium boss spawn"yaay, a boss, aaand it's gone
-Fix mass spawning lag, delirium being started, legion obelisks being opened, etc
kills the whole game for half the encounter fpswise.

On top of that, i hope you are planning a massive nerf for guardians, since you did it to any kind of summoner minions, where a player had to invest in a specific build, intstead of "lol i have 200+ex to invest, guess i will run around with every goddamn aura and use whatever skill i want to afk through a8 sirus cuz i cant die".
For clarity's sake, more people play guardian now than summoners in last two leagues.

It's a onetime build that's going to be dead next league, it's fairly logical that it would entice more than usual amount of players to go for it. Not to mention it's crazy fun to play, even if you build it cheaply with 5 skill voices.

"Changing your loot allocation setting will now have an immediate effect, rather than applying to all future areas."

Why would you do this...? Don't you think you have that cooldown for a reason? What if for example someone is running simulacrum or breach stone rotations, etc. and they specify that they will have permanent allocation, the people agree on the terms. Then midway they just change the allocation to free-for-all. Did you guys not think this through or something? I mean, yes, I understand that changing it mid-way is a nice feature I guess. But the cooldown is there for a reason so that people can't just claim their allocation for a rotation run is one way or another and then change it mid-way facetiously and take all the loot, especially for simulacrums. Please think this one through more before you just implement it, thanks.
Khajit has wares... If you have coin...
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WhiteDragonRU wrote:
How about Delirium mist to pause for ENTIRE boss fight? You know, to help people who do not have 20-220 mil arc damage.

Khajit has wares... If you have coin...
i wish this game was less a Public Test and more a BEUTIFUL FULL ARPG GAME... What a tragedy, POE have changed so much in the past 2 years, i dont know if is the Tenchen philosophy but i wish GGG get back to their roots to become the GAME that everyone is waiting and want for, now they keep doing false steps towards nothing. More and more useless items and unique, less and less builds, more and more mistakes, and people is playing less and less. SO SAD... really SO SAD... :(
kelabukelala wrote:
oak : i guess i still black then

MY thoughts exactly.
Close down the "Feedback" section. Stop pretending you care about feedback outside of reddit.

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please dont make delirium go core
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Lets start another mid league nerf on Heralds Build
flashback when

just end this garbage league

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