Screenshot Competition Highlights

Awakened Portal Exile 2.0
Not to be a hater but god damn these are bad.
Outdated graphics engine - confirmed.

just fishing, scroll down
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Still the same thing I saw with the first batch. Someone afk on some bodies, or a "combat" shot of someone dabbing on a boss invuln phase. Where is the 'back against the wall' messy combat of the arpg genre? Where is the fun or danger of this video game at? What do any of these pictures have to do with a hack n slash game or the Delirium season? It would be nice to see more Delirium combat, as opposed to another hideout competition, or someone flexing on a single zombie or invuln act boss.

Edit: The whole "one armed raised while using Portal Gem" thing is beaten to death too. I saw like 50 of that same shot submitted, and I can't specifically remember any of them. At this point it feels like "shit I can't think of anything. Let's just go with the Portal fist pump, they really eat that shit up".
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