Developer Pets Showcase

I love this, very cute :)
These are the cats you send into the abyss when using Celestial Cat Soulrend
Le Toucan Will Return
lot's of cats
best thread :3
I am incredibly disappointed that there are no weta pets to be seen.
So cute :D
When you're allergic to animals but you love animals and your favorite game rubs it in your face with all the cute animals.
I have seen just lately lots of up grades to many of the quests we go thru leveling just this weekend! I think you all get more work done at home then at work !!! LMAO I am hoping soon we will all be able to get out of this Lockdown !! Thanks for all your Great work !
Aww, the greyhound is so cute :3 Looks like a bigger version of CuteDog_'s Lilly
Also, cute chickens and the birbs :P
Khajit has wares... If you have coin...
some pet are like : iam the boss hooman

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