Developer Pets Showcase

Press F for the the wild birds these cats have killed.
sooo many kitties!!!!!
Glad to see so many very cute cats! And the birds too!
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those pets are just..... <3<3<3 UwU
Such a selection of gorgeous pets, I loved them all, but the cats... oh my. I have two myself.

Special prize to Harry watching Baeclast with his human Patrick, kkk
"Hey man, nice shot"
Brisa guild leader,
"All challenges" seeker.

Sirus 8 Deathless and just the helm drops...

i feel u man....
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Cool. Where’s chris’ dragons? :D
IGN: Jerle_Farmer
Sooo niceeeeee!!! Cats Cats Cats!!!!!
very uplifting!
WOW! so lovely cute!

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