Developer Pets Showcase

dang yo
Aren't these all the same pets just different mtx?

I can see no celestial cats ... . . . . but yeah, Harriet poses and pretends to be one!
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Everybody wants to be a cat.

It's clear now why this league is it is....and it's very clear they are working on the issues that are adressed every hour.

30% Double DMG STD SC Lethal Pride -
They're all soooo cute! I love this type of content, you guys are absolutely unique in games industry, especially with the way you communicate and contact with player base. So good! ^ ^

And now time for Players Pets Showcase!

My baby girl, Atziri:

And my baby boy, Mao Kun:

(I don't know how to post a picture, geez....)
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LOVED!! <3
First impression: very cute.

Second thought: Wait, you have pets working at ggg?

Third reading: Oh pets OF developers... That makes more sense. Should not only read headlines :D
So many kitties! (*.*)

Just one thing that always triggers me: DON'T ATTACH BELL ON CAT'S COLLAR!!!
When do people finally learn that this can cause serious hearing disorder and stress??!! Gosh... Besides that try on yourself to walk 24/7 with some annyoing sh*t ringing next to your ear!
Lovely. I have a smile on my face now.:)
Gescom wrote:
Top PoE update of 2020 so far..

lol so true
Lovely animals;)

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