Developer Pets Showcase

I saw this thread on reddit. I don't know if anyone here noticed (no one on reddit did so far) but Patrick - Customer Support is viewing baeclast on his phone with the cat in his lap :)

So Bex's cat is named Thunder like the super heroine by dc comics.
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love it :). maybe you can give POE development to your pets, im sure they can handle it better of what you doing lately guys.. :D
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Einhar love this thread !
A friend of mine has a spitz. She has the most amazing fluffy fur, like she's 90% cloud and once you start petting her, you can't stop. She knows that, of course and will casually brush against you and cuddle up until you can't resist any longer. :D
pet cuteness is OP
Thanks for the uber cuteness!!
Coming next a player pets showcase?!!
HA HA, they are captured, stupid beasts
I'm very glad, gratified and grateful that you've done this.


For the minion that shall not be named, a shutout to Mason. If you ever have a dark-winged egg, I hope you hatch a Columbo.


♤ ♡ ♢ ♧ - ♧ ♢ ♡ ♤
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unlucky_child wrote:
Would be cute to see pics of families / kids

so the next zero drop gang will impose death threats to kids? no thank you.

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