[Xbox One] 3.10.1f Patch Notes

Hi, I recently uninstalled and tried to reinstall POE when the offhand functionality wasnt working. I have not been able to download the game since then. I will get 2% downloaded directly onto my console and receive an error each time. I have gone through all of the troubleshooting techniques-Power reset, reset router, factory reset, and nothing is working.

Can someone help? This is an Xbox One X. I bought this console in Feb. POE has been working amazing since then.

NPC interacion is still broken
Fixed performance degradation over time.

Uhm... No you didn't fix that. I still need to relog after every single map....

Whenever I enter a map, it usually takes about 6 seconds to load, but when I want to open another map after completing the first one, it takes about a minute to load the map and I can count the frames on one hand..

Yeah, performance drops progresively after every single map.

At this stage, they're better off just scaling down mist animation since it messes everything up. I'm a bit at my wits end. It's frustrating that such a big problem is being ignored.

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