[PS4] 3.10.1f Patch Notes

Sirus walls are not visible. happened just now
Game crashing constantly while navigating map in Delve.

ps. This is still happening after the patch of the patch. Basically I cannot retrace my map back to the point where I was delving downwards without a blue screen crash.
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Syndicate is not fixed. We still have the same problem
Thank you for the updates folks. Keep up the good work. Glade to see that console specific section longer than 3 lines. 👍
Thank you for all you do, GGG. Great to see more dedicated updates to console specifically :)
What do you mean by this?

Added a modifier key on L3 to allow for more key binds within UIs, legends have been updated to reflect this.

Please let this mean what i think it means..

Instant castes on movement... pretty please
Good afternoon, I play through the Death Aura (Death's Oath) skill, but the damage tooltip is not displayed in the skill tooltip and skill tab, this makes it very difficult to create new builds for this excellent skill. It is also unclear whether the last change in the patch about Heralds affects this aura. Please do a normal display of information on the skill. Thanks in advance.
Let me start by saying I LOVE THIS GAME. However I can't play it anymore. The constant rubbebanding, lag spike's, blue screens, and broken sirus skill spamming have made the game unplayable. I had hoped that GGG would fix this, but unfortunately it still remains to be a problem. Hopefully PS5 will be able to handle this game, cause the PS4 simply cannot. Some of these problem's I believe are out of their {GGG}'s control. Thank you for creating this awesome game, but please fix it.
I'm seeing another update as I'm typing this. Thank you. I've had mostly a smooth run until maps. In a water map - underwater or underground sea level - there are block patterns (tiles) on the floor and you can't see where to walk. I got killed there a lot last night. Also, the league mechanic in maps make it difficult to play - I get run over completely from all sides. (My resistances are fine, thanks.) It just does not resemble the smooth runs that the PC players experience on Twitch. Mobs are still clustered at the door when you first enter an area. Glacier is unplayable. It should still be fun. The economy is also ridiculous. If people are charging 30ex for a piece that I was planning to build around, and I haven't even gotten even 1 ex in a full run to level 80, something is wrong. And that same item is selling for 25 c on PC. The items simply should drop more - and they don't. There is nothing random about drops over all the seasons I've played. I get the same things every time. I understand consistency across all platforms, but I do believe console needs some tweaking specifically for console.

That said, I'm a huge fan and supporter and I do come back every season. I was hoping to take my current character into the 90s this time. *deep sigh* Hopefully the hotfix helps. Thanks
I'm seeing we've reverted. I look forward to seeing if maps are less chaotic than they were last night. Thanks for the attention to all the issues posted.

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