Ravenous Hideout

WOW not thats a hideout!
You really should stop cutting small pieces of locations and selling them as hideouts. I would understand if this arena was unloccable through Lava Lake map runs, but this ^^^ is just silly. Your designers can easily create far more interesting hideouts that are worth their dollar.
PoE is all about reusing assets, saves time and money.

chris wilson is did like an hour long speech about how poe is meant to be played forever, and reusing assets is what makes the quick turnarounds possible and that other companies are "stupid" for doing day night cycles on a certain area, because they are losing that chance at doing that same area as "somewhere else" by changing the background scene.
I couldn't see Kitava's Beer fridge.
They would not be making these low effort copy/paste overpriced hideouts,if there weren't enough people willing to buy them.

Think of how low effort this hideout is,then think of the average intelligence of the consumer who is willing to pay for this and more than that, go beyond the simple act of purchase. Start ranting on reddit,the forumms,wherever..... defending their initial purchase and call others haters for pointing out the obvious.
Rhaimx wrote:
Please upgrade hideout cap to 1000! Bigger hideouts needs more decorations to be create something unique.

they need to fix the master favour or implement a new system
the actual take ages to farm 200k for a small pot or a fence
Who the hell is Nana?
I'd rather have a Crater/Lava Lake/Kaoms Dream hideout with all the little rails running hither and yon, and the tufts of weird fiery grass, and the pohutukawa trees and clip-thru whare pieces and such

All built on a terrace of land overlooking a swirling lava tide. Complete with a fishing dock with a crane you can mount a little cage over the lava and stick Navali in there >:^)

There's probably few places in wraeclast that are LESS appealing to set up as a map room and trade depot than the crap in the kitava fight.
"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
Is sick man love it!
18$ for small hideout,lul
Why some of hideouts are not on sale?

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