Ravenous Hideout

next we get the tiny room in act 6 where we meet nessa and get the black flag for only 25 bucks. (nessa sold separately)
These hideouts should really be unlockable in game, instead of selling them for nearly $20.

They're too small and basic compared to the ones worth buying (like Glimmerwood, for example).
GGG, I think you could do better.
Looks nice; however, it's too small for what's it worth
Big eyes, but a nice fish
I like small hideouts but I prefer something more practical. For me personally Void HO is still nr.1 - transparent and zero unnecessary details
I guess it is small because it's more or less a copy/paste of the original Kitava arena. Increasing the size would require more development effort. That's OK for people looking for (very) small hideouts, for example people trading very often.

Very large hideouts can be a pain for some people wanting to trade and looking for the stash. I have a medium-size hideout (former Leo's one) and believe me I can't count the number of times when someone comes in and runs around like crazy to the other end of my hideout, spamming "WHERE UR STASHHH ??1!?".

PS : I love the wheel with the bodies :)
Ah cool idea.

But now I wonder, if Kitava's corpse is in your hideout, where does that big decorated skull in Oraith come from?!

Kind of immersion breaking tbh...

Also; this is really rather small for a hideout isn't it? You couldn't fit the large map machine and crafting bench in it at the same time by the looks of it.

While I really like the style, this is too little room for me. I guess half the space of a the Sunspire hideout is enough for me, I hardly ever set foot in half of that space, but in this case, it is the other extreme.

Why not open up the cathedral doorway you enter the arena from Kitava from in A5 and expand it a bit with cathedral rooftop tileset? Or even have two rooms split by the river from the Feeding through map titleset attached to it?

Well anyway, some people might like it. I would have, but this is not quite enough. I guess if it was a Kitava race reward or something unlockable it would be cool.
But Kitava's skull is in Oriath with kids throwing tomatoes at it.
Dear GGG, Maybe in the future when building hideout you should ask yourself 'would I want to be quarantined in it'.

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