Ravenous Hideout

This is so lazy, I expected a little more effort from you guys.
This is a hideout I will choose to not buy. The only reason is that it's too small. There's a few others I won't buy for the same reason, hideouts need to be a decent size, this is not.
crunkatog wrote:
I'd rather have a Crater/Lava Lake/Kaoms Dream hideout with all the little rails running hither and yon, and the tufts of weird fiery grass, and the pohutukawa trees and clip-thru whare pieces and such

All built on a terrace of land overlooking a swirling lava tide.

Awakened Combustion Support when?
Free, or pay?
Considering that Alva is a map device in her own right, this hideout is just too small to be functional. I suppose that maybe she could work in that little platform right next to Korpsetava, but I'm not convinced.

Like a lot of hideouts, whether free or pay, there certainly isn't enough room for the huge map device option and Alva. Brings to mind the demo apartment displays in Ikea.
Storywise it fits amazingly. It's only natural for the protagonist to want to be close to an abysmally gluttonous god's corpse in case something goes wrong.
Nice looking, Kitava a bit out of vision range in my opinion.

About pricing.... everything seems really expensive, I like to support your hard work, guys.

I spent quite a bit of money in the game, normally my payday is your payday, too, :) but lately i have been thinking about this and I can buy Borderlands 3 at the same price of this hideout, doesn't make to much sense, no?. Don't you think people will buy more if the items were a bit cheaper? I'm not talking about armour set which are a really high price at least for my pocket, of course i dont have any idea of how much does cost you to create this items and every league and the technical support, customer assistance, etc, etc. So I won't allow myself to criticise your business model, said that I hope you sell a lot of this to keep your workers with a good salary and your investors with high profits.

thank you for all the free stuff you giveaway, maybe there is the balance, I don't know, good luck and stay healthy.

That is what my brother-in-law from the UK would call a "small flat"
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Another tiny hideout.... no thanks, doesn't matter if it looks cool if there is no space I don't want it. I'd only buy a small hideout like this if it was 50 mtx points and even then I probably would never use it.

Small ones like this should be free and obtainable some way in-game. I don't see how you can charge people for something that gives less then ones we can get for free.
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Kr00n wrote:
About pricing.... everything seems really expensive, I like to support your hard work, guys.


Well buddy, you don't need to... TenCent already does. They are no longer that "tiny, indy game developers".

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