Ravenous Hideout

SirAeleon wrote:
Kr00n wrote:
About pricing.... everything seems really expensive, I like to support your hard work, guys.


Well buddy, you don't need to... TenCent already does. They are no longer that "tiny, indy game developers".

I know that and that's the romanticism why I supported them from 2012, plus to say fuck off to Blizzard gave me pleasure XD.

I would like to ask you if GGG will be yours and the only option to enter in a market with 1,438,416,082 potential consumers is to sell part of your company will you do it?

[Removed by Support]

Maybe GGG wouldn't exist if they didnt take this steps, I don't know so i won't give my opinion about it.
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It does look like something I would sink my claws into, take a bite out of and most definitely devour.

I really like that wheel. Nice work.

When you're considering purchasing a new hideout you also have to consider all the uses of the mtx doodads being available to ALL your other creations as well.

With that said, it's a pretty good deal to spin that wheel.
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