Seeing so many cool screenshots submitted by our players to the ongoing competition, we couldn't help but to take some ourselves. If you've been looking for a new desktop wallpaper or just enjoy browsing Path of Exile screenshots, check out several images below:


Fire Fury


Oozeback Bloom

Kadavrus the Defiler

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Grinding Gear Games

Kadavrus the Defiler looks so cool here!

GGG pls think about act 5-10 bosses too when make screenshots <3
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good stuff!
Looks good !
Metamorphed Kitava looks better than default version, because he drinks lava to regen his health

И никакой рекламы сервисов.
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It's interesting to see at the game from this perspective, good screenshots!
Sha-weeeet! :)
Looking good. I might grab 2 as wallpapers!
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Good stuff!
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