Champion's Hideout and Super Stash Sale

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Ha! I would love to see GGG actually make proper hideouts instead of just copying an area from somewhere in the game and demanding money for it.
As someone else said here; this should be found, not bought.
You should have given them the redmane treatment.. Make a statement!
You should have given them the redmane treatment.. Make a statement!
You should have given them the redmane treatment.. Make a statement!
Is this HO a joke???

The HO gets smaller and smaller...
Is there any decoration inside beside the blue trash?

The decoration inside new HO are for me a reason to get it, but this HO has nothing at all.
Just a poorly made copy paste existing area
Agreed we would like to have more HO's that are fun little easter eggs to find, not buy. (Mind you, not gated behind the ridic RNG that plague the celestial HO)
"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
Getting ridiculous.

Almost all the new HOs are just lazy cut-and-pastes of an existing area in the game, with a map device stuck in. They've all been one, simple, open single room too.

Compare this to the effort that must have gone into the Glimmerwood hideout.

Just some quick garbage to squeeze a couple bucks out of completionists.
Yeah, I can see that players are growing increasingly agitated with the low-effort "just sell an extant boss arena as a hideout for $18."

It's been going over rather poorly, to say the least. It's kinda ironic that the only MTX hideouts that appear to have been well-liked were... The Sunspire & Doomguard hideouts, which weren't even sold for currency, but as a bonus for their respective supporter packs. (and both had a LOT more effort put into them...)
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The person who comes up with this small shitty hideouts needs to get booted. Idc if its corona times. Replace him or her. Now.
We want more hideouts to get for free via ingame!!!
knocked out a siris 8 super fast nice guy, great service. how can you say no.
Lame HO. Not even something new.

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