Champion's Hideout and Super Stash Sale

Whats with all these tiny hideouts?

I was super disappointed with furious hideout after wanting a Kaom zone hideout basically since Forsaken Masters came out...

Kaom Zone could have had 2-3 extra rooms like Brutal hideout.

This hideout could have had at least an arena hallway to put your masters and trophies.

This one looks small and lame as well :/
30% Double DMG STD SC Lethal Pride -
dammit I just got all my stash tabs yesterday!! any way I can get the new price for them??
They don't even try. Next: Doedre Undercity Hideout...
How boring and small.
Seriously though, why are all of these new hideouts so tiny?
GGG is going down the hill... the MTX virus and the precious MONEY have taken over their hearths and mind.. :( poor GGG... THE SAME PATH OF BLIZZARD IS UPON YOU!!!
Geez, thats small. Its cool area, but really those smaller and smaller HOs for same money as big and crafted from scratch are out of control. I get that some players want to be efficient and smaller HO, better placement of your important stuff to minimize walking, but...
If only this contained additionally those arena corridors we walk through to Daresso. Having extra space to put some unimportant stuff there with arena as main centre of it. Or atleast inclusion of additional MTX decorations, which arent buyable from Masters. No, you even suggest what to extra buy.
Game is good, and I buy actually packs, MTXs and Tabs etc. But this is too much.
ALso hail chinese overlords of Tencent. Enjoy our money you squeeze from GGG and us.
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Still waiting for upgrade to a quad tab option ZzzzZzz
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
I would care less if the ones in the maps was easier to get.
I know it's easy to look at statistics and see the average is what you expect/wannt but for everyone that is lucky someone has to be unlucky.

i played another game where a items drop chance was 6% guess how many tries it took me to get it? 173 ties it takes 30 min to complete the mission at around 50 i said to myself i can't be this unlucky i should get it in a few more tries at 100 i just went i wasted to much time to stop now.
in that very same game it took me 1 try to get a 1% drop in a 26 min mission.

both of them was unsatisfying to get. the one generated a endless stream of frustration the other after getting it in try the 1st thought was was man i hate rng( i farmed the 1% drop after the 6% one)
and you know what after that i stopped caring and became a casual in the game

cosmetic rewards should not be behind a rng fiesta were you have no control over it.
In poe when/ if i remember a map has a base i have to slow down to make sure it didnt spawn and maybe miss it at least tell us its there like in the campaign.
Still waiting for upgrade to a quad tab option ZzzzZzz

I actually emailed 'support' and requested a refund of 6 dumpster tabs so i could replace them and buy 6 quad tabs, I even offered to buy the quads in advance to show I was genuine and 3g wasn't 'losing' money. But they said no, unable to help and just expected me to buy them anyways. Well, NO i didn't.

Also, I haven't purchased a supporter pack in ages (since Legacy, the last good season) and I can't see myself purchasing ever again, due to having my skills destroyed at the end of every season nerf patches, the guaranteed season ruining exploits that don't get rolled back (herald cheating), the over pricing of poor quality emtx and not being able to upgrade a dumpster tabs to a quad tabs.

I agree with all the price gouging comments relating to this HO.

LUL Stank Pug Chump Puggers ................... Soooo WEAK, soooo very weak LUL
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