Champion's Hideout and Super Stash Sale

Buys the Champion's hideout> How the heck do I fit all the NPC's and customize such a small area.

Loads one of the free hideouts> Wow the customization potential in this is huge, all the NPC's fit and I can do a lot with all this space.

Looks at himself and says how does this make any sense. If you want to charge for hideouts make them appealing like Glimmerwood, only one worth buying in my opinion. Aside from that one I rather just use the free hideouts as they're much larger and you can do a lot with the space.
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I actually emailed 'support' and requested a refund of 6 dumpster tabs so i could replace them and buy 6 quad tabs, I even offered to buy the quads in advance to show I was genuine and 3g wasn't 'losing' money. But they said no, unable to help and just expected me to buy them anyways. Well, NO i didn't.
+1. I asked to do the same and upgrade my tabs to quads but they said no. So i just make mule accounts now and used the money to buy dual RTX2060.
Formally [Removed by Support] as my STANDARD map stash got frakked
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Oh those are SWORDS in the center!
I always thought it was like... hay or something.
What is this? A hideout for ants?
Romados wrote:
What is this? A hideout for ants?

nah, it's just how the next instalment of someone's yacht is paid
I like a lot of these smaller hideouts, but until we can launch our alva temples and jun missions from the map device I cant use them :/
Thanks for the stash sales. Already owned all type of tab. And really love the celestial HO.
Y1kes wrote:
Ha! I would love to see GGG actually make proper hideouts instead of just copying an area from somewhere in the game and demanding money for it.
As someone else said here; this should be found, not bought.

That's exactly it, it's not something fresh and new but a scene from content we've done many times over.
Yep, totally over league play.
I would love the hideout, I really like that arena, but its too fucking small. They could have at least added a little bit of the hallway leading up to the boss room, then I would get it, but its just the tiny arena. I want a bit more space, a side room I can put the other people in, and another side room where I can keep my workshop, then the big arena where I can put a throne, and a bunch of other crap, and my map device. Add something to these once in a while GGG, maybe then I'll get them.
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