Champion's Hideout and Super Stash Sale

You guys REALLY need some new people in your monetization department.. These hideouts are generic instances from the campaign with little to no modification along with no assets that are unique to the area that make them worthy of widespread purchase. Still neglecting map device and stash MTX. Supporter packs conflict with challenge reward slots and are getting progressively worse in terms of unique design. The cost is scaled disproportionate to the quality of nearly every MTX available recently. Have someone get in contact with me by my account email and we can talk about some ideas especially concerning the current formula for mystery boxes which is obviously flawed from the foundation upwards.
andrew8448 wrote:
Such a small hideout...

Such a huge story...
♤ ♡ ♢ ♧ - ♧ ♢ ♡ ♤
You guys actually stopped giving a shit about your game haven't you?

Glad I didn't buy the orion pack at this point since all you guys have done now for the last year is become more and more half assed in quality.
I_NO wrote:
Starting to despise you guys not the actual people but holy fucking shit you should just earn these not pay money for it.

There are many, many hideouts that you can just earn. Your problem is that you spend too much time listening to Yong Yea.
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Look cool!
Where are the epic multiroom or even multifloor HOs?
I wish there was more small water options in decoration of hideouts (but I don't know where to suggest that) - like small fountains, ponds, springs etc. It's literally the only thing I miss so hard in decorating. As far as I've discovered we have lava waterfall, one medium fountain without visible water and huge fountain which needs enormous space (I have a bit of unfinished progress with Alva's shop tho, may that be all water decorations are hidden in there?)
But most of all I'd love to see hideout with the real seashore option - with waves like on all coastal maps, to place all those corals, pirates etc, not just patch of sand and water surface somewhere far down, that would be sooo awesome.
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Would be nice if you guys extend the sale for a couple days more...many ppl I know are having difficulties with payments

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