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xBilldozerx wrote:

EDIT: Also do you intentionally get mana/life recovery clusters instead of flask duration clusters? I assume it's just because they are easier to roll? It looks like with either type you can alt spam for Distilled Perfection then regal and aug attack for Spiked Concoction. I know it's only 6% flask duration but I figured with how min-maxed your build there might be a reason for it.

Either the life recovery cluster or flask duration cluster is fine. I've usually utilized what drops for me (like SSF but with an option to buy the stuffs I couldn't find).
Poison Scourge Arrow/Toxic Rain + Blast Rain PF| Bottled Fortify:
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Thanks a lot for the info! I know +1 projectile is important for SA but how valuable is Dying Sun in terms of damage/clear to you? I know it's in your main PoB, but was curious
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With enough Attack speed (from the base APS in our bow plus the VJs) we can apply poison rapidly with the initial arrows (thorn arrows only deal half the damage and have a delay). In this regard, Dying sun allows SA's init arrows to cover the full screen. As a result, we poison faster and more efficiently than the conventional thorn arrows, and hence much better map clear. For proof, check out my T19 100% Delirium footage.

On the defensive end, Dying Sun synergizes with Arctic Armour and the phys to fire damage taken crafted on chest. +2% 🔥 to max resist on quiver is nice to have (but not mandatory).
Poison Scourge Arrow/Toxic Rain + Blast Rain PF| Bottled Fortify:
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Had a fantastic time non-stop playing your build this summer. Thank you for putting together such a stellar guide!
Is there any difference between "Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow" and "Skills fire an additional Projectile"?
I'm having a great time with the build. The clear is great and its super tanky. I'm having some issues with single target dps though. I know I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure it out. https://pastebin.com/hGvRnFCw
Twilithikari wrote:
Is there any difference between "Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow" and "Skills fire an additional Projectile"?

Since we're using a bow attack, there's no difference for us. Additonal Proj applies to many more kinds of skills, such as spells and non-bow projectile attacks.


I'm having a great time with the build. The clear is great and its super tanky. I'm having some issues with single target dps though. I know I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure it out. https://pastebin.com/hGvRnFCw

I spent a few minutes comparing my PoB and yours. The difference between yours and mine appears to be relatively small marginal advantages accumulating multiplicatively.

- You aren't hit-capped (97%). $100 bill lying on the ground waiting to be picked up. Get a stygian and pop in an accuracy jewel with aspd on it as well. And get some fire damage on it to turn on 16% increased damage taken from your cinderswallow, I mean that's more extra damage than a free skitterbots.
- I have 10.55 aps, you have 8.8 aps. Other than slamming T1 speed, which is expensive and not worth on your current bow, you could do some cheaper things that help, such as get 24% quality and the aspd quality enchant on your weapon, the aspd enchant on your boots.
- Effective DPS mod, mine 2.247, yours 1.702. This comes down to Cinderswallow, chaos res (wither belt enchant and the -chaos helm give a total of -15% chaos resistance), level 8 despair vs level 5. Note I had to configure Hinder in your PoB. Anyway that's 32% more damage, some of this s low hanging fruit.
- Your dot multi is 2.31, mine is 3.05, that's all differences in gear. Major gear differences: I have five dot multi jewels, a double multi quiver, a dot multi bow (hard to craft), and dot multi watcher's eye ($$). Jewels you can harvestcraft easy. The rest of those items are endgame. I'd focus on other things first.
- Malevolence via Auls is worth 20% more DPS without giving up too much and turns on the watcher's eye. They're probably pretty cheap at this point. You need to get level 6 awakened chaos to replace the +1 gems mod, because SA really wants to be level 22. It hits a damage effectiveness breakpoint.
- random stuff, frenzy charge corrupt on gloves (cheap), ailment duration Nostalgia, your curse is level 5 but could be level 8

Small things add up.
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Hi folks,

Is there an update version to the grasping vines v1 ? The POB seems to be off when i import it to what the game currently has. For example the very large thread of hope doesn't actually hit hunter's gambit anymore. The POB also shows a very large damage reduction from armor and i don't see how that's possible taking Acrobatics.

Just hit 97 playing this. 98 will happen, may as well commit to 100 with Harvest being a thing.
I've done A8, Cortex, Uber Atziri, Full Simulacrum, T4 seed plots etc etc with it. I'm a big fan.

I map with Dying Sun & Basalt w/ warding. I think these are mandatory. Getting your clear with your initial arrows is huge; and I think you need Staunching/Warding/Adren as suffixes to map properly. I did consider a Quartz for the extra ~16% Dodge but went for extra phys mitigation and put Phasing on my Searching Eye suffix. I guess it just makes my Vaal Grace more valuable.
I do swap in Coralito's for the extra poison chance + DPS against the top tier bosses though.

I waited a week for a better helm base to pop, none did so I just used what I had.

I'll recraft this exactly if I get my hands on a Royal/Eternal Burg or Lion's Pelt base.
Crafted boots yesterday; that was fun and I haven't seen a pair like this at all. I think the MS enchant was the way to go; maybe the Life Regen when hit or Attack & Cast Speed would have been better but it was the first on the list that I hit, and I can change that as I get 3w + 28% I guess.

Thanks to harvest we can literally pick and choose what to have, and where to have it, so I decided that bow suffixes were more valuable than quiver prefixes and crafted an Elder/Hunter bow. Elder Poison mod is so easy to add I figured I may as well woke a different Elder mod and grabbed Cull. Nice for Sirus even though I hit t1 Elder APS on the bow and just stuck with it. 1.73 APS + all the attack speed I grab is plenty, even though the true t1 APS would be amazing.
The plan is to replicate it and replace cull with the generic DOTM and give it true T1 Attack Speed, so I'm happy to settle there for now at least and save the currency for the big bow.

There was also a random budget bow I had to start before the first Elder one that I have since sold on. Between them they carried me to like level 95 before I crafted my first Elder/Hunter bow; the Fire Res was to shore res before I crafted my Small Clusters, not a lot else to do with the open suffix anyway. That bow was more than enough for everything in the game. Faster Poisons sure does feel nice though.

Thanks to Harvest, Viridian Jewels are insane. I have like 13 of these jewels to corrupt for CB.


And these are just the ones that aren't socketed in my tree!

I think the Attack & Cast Speed is probably interchangeable with the %Damage with Poison at a high enough APS, so I've been making extras to test that, and it means I have more to Vaal for Corrupted Blood Immunity (I almost never attack more than 1 tap for an initial arrow going through a pack, so at a certain point I think the APS gets wasted, it's just very easy to take advantage of harvest to get extra APS.)
I think getting 4 or 5 Frenzy Charge Duration implicits on my clusters is probably the way to go, and using Synth Viridians with Chaos / Poison / Ailment / Attack Speed. If I add another 10% Stun implicit across a jewel, then between the 2 jewels and Cinderswallow I'm stun immune (assuming I didn't scuff the calc (50%*1.61) + 20% = 100.5%, so I can swap out Unwaveringly Evil on my Large Cluster for Wicked Pall.
[EDIT: Replaced the Large Cluster for a Touch of Cruelty/Unspeakable Gifts/Wicked Pall one and am in the process of crafting the Wasting Affliction/Wicked Pall jewel]

Quiver is the big one at the minute, it's missing +1 Arrow / +2% Max Fire res, and then it's time to revisit some of the T2 rolls elsewhere. Will redo the life on Belt; Res & Despair on Ring, and the Chest life.

I picked up Survivalist on the passive tree, mostly for the +1 Max Cold Res to bring it closer to the Fire/Lightning, but the free All Res and Evasion is nice too. Last 3 Passives finish the Scion life wheel for 15% extra life. Almost certain I can get over 7k life just by finishing my gear, getting better notables on my Small Clusters, so the last levels will be icing on the cake.

I've been on the lookout for a nicer Circle of Nostalgia, but none out on the market I'd swap for yet. I picked it up at the beginning of the build, but didn't realise quite how good the attack speed + accuracy implicits were.

The few upgrade paths I see from here (after fixing up the last few t1 rolls) would be to finish the quiver for +1 Arrow/+2% Fire Res, replace my CDOTM med cluster for one with Wasting Affliction & Wicked Pall, swap my Large for another Wicked Pall once I've got the Stun Immunity (Need 1 more jewel implicit) which would give me an extra 20% Skill Effect Duration total.
Blight Ruin is actually insane, I auged the t1 fire first time with my last fire craft after spending ~1k alts with no decent outcome.
4/5 Implicits done too! Stun Immunity regained.

The only obvious thing after to me would be to finish the %CDOTM/Flat Chaos/Elder Poison Mod/Hunter Faster Poisons/%DOTM/%Attack Speed Bow.

At that point I can probably drop the 16% CDOTM on my Amulet as it's a relatively small amount and I would have just grabbed a ton from the bow upgrade and try to craft a %Fortify Effect Amulet in place of my current one; although I for sure need the stats from it, so I'm unlikely to be able to switch to a Hunter Marble, or Switch to something like a Malevolence Aul's + grab a relevant Precision/Malevolence Watcher's without some serious re-doing of other gear & probably Clusters. Maybe it would be worth crafting some extra Viridians to swap with a +STR suffix and get a Precision Attack Speed WE at that point.

I haven't played PoE properly in a couple of leagues, and I certainly haven't played Scourge Arrow to the degree of some people here so I'd be interested in any feedback or ideas.
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I think I'm just about done for this league; still a long way from getting good gear on this build (the rarer Harvest crafts are never dropping for me) but it's been good enough to complete all the Harvest bosses without too much trouble.

I was able to take down A7 Sirus with some difficulty - I think the DPS is still relatively poor with the gear I've been able to attain. I doubt I'll get anywhere on the level 83 Labs but I might have a go anyway.

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