[3.11] LL VD+DD Spellslinger|10k ES |75%Block/75% Spell Block | GOD TIER T19 100% Delirious [Videos]

Jerle wrote:
twarunchai wrote:
Jerle wrote:

I forgot about that! Yes. Does seems better. Or cremator which might deal with porcupines?

porcupines, I am not sure what is this?
I can't find a skill or gem with this.

Porcupines are the mobs that has the on death effect that shoots out physical spikes. It used to be my top cause of death due to low PDR.

Ahhh that porcupine, yes cremator help to prevent the spikes.

In my opinion, it should be OK when we block 75% with long distant killing.

But yes, that porcupine is a big problem for everyone.
Hmm, how can we exactly calculate our Shaper DPS ?
hello im trying this build and i die sometimes cause bleeding stacks, and i dont see how i can counter this, i dont see any flask or item to remove this, can someone explain me ?
Corrupted blood corrupt
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Tinkering with the build, trying to improve survivability but it's been great fun so far, deathless A8 Sirus and melting uber elder, didn't try simulacrum yet.

Right now I'm sitting at 8,1k es, 69% cdr with helm enchant and belt mod, removed Arcane Surge to make room for Herald Of Ash linked with Blood Magic, and it works good. I've got antifreeze + antichill boots, and unnerve + culling strike on gloves. All res capped, chaos capped too. I took third Energy From Naught as well, and picked Foresight for even more es.

Right now I have one empty socket and I'm thinking of using either Vaal Grace or Enduring Cry, but the latter option seems to be better, since I have only about 20% phys reduction, and physical damage can be deadly.

I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to skip 6 link to free up some mana, allowing me to remove Blood Magic from Herald of Ash, and possibly giving me an option to remove Charisma anoint. This would free two more sockets, one could be given for Arcane Surge (just like the original build suggests) and one for Vaal Grace. So now I'd have Vaal Grace AND Enduring Cry AND an open anoint. And the reason I'd want to free an anoint is that I've found it could be useful to use Admonisher if I want to use Enduring Cry. Admonisher makes warcries faster, reduces their cooldown, and removes an ailment from you when you use a warcry. So now I'd have an option to deal with bleed/burn/etc, and other deadly stuff. And to finish everything, I could swap one flask with jade flask of warding for some extra evasion (which is op, when we already have so much block and effective life), and curse immunity.

Food for thought.
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why use barrage & frenzy ? can someone explain me ?
Hi guys.

Just want to try this build but the URL: https://pastebin.com/pQJ0cz1f seems doesn't work!

Does any of you help me with the correct link?

Are you using the Community Fork PoB version?

Your link works in my Path of Building,
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pls im beginner, why barrage and frenzy are here ? do we have to chose one ?
coco34570 wrote:
pls im beginner, why barrage and frenzy are here ? do we have to chose one ?

Frenzy + Barrage SUPPORT. With Barrage Support each projectile of your frenzied barrage has a chance to trigger Spellslinger so you maximize your chances for Spellslinger to trigger this way. Frenzy because frenzy charges.

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