Polaris Blood and Sand Effect

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I'm sorry to have to write this GGG but this MTX is a disgrace. It has no persistent visual effect and does not add any effect to a skill. This is 125 points for a split second white effect when changing stances. Shame on you.
This MTX cost like 1/4 the price of new diablo, the decision will be very hard when that games comes out..

or like ur stupid armor pack prices.. like.. 84$ for black and white... thats like the new and upcoming assassins creed+some other game. insane price GGG.
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this effect for flesh and stone were cool
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When a MTX costs more than half of the games on steam... you know something is wrong with this business model. but oh well gl in the future
I'm a long term supporter but this is taking the mickey out of your customer base.

If your accountants are truly recommending prices such as these for MTX then you need to have a look at your overall operating model and cut cost elsewhere.

MTX should be treated with the coffee question - "Should I buy this MTX? Hrrm, well it's only the cost of a cup of coffee, so why not?"

Nobody would pay £12 for a coffee, unless money is just irrelevant to them in the first place...

There are some very sound responses from your players in this thread and others - it would be wise to start listening to them seeing as they keep the product and company in the black.
I love how blood and sand has, not one, but TWO mtx that barely do anything noticeable but some older very viable skills (scourge arrow wink wink) have nothing...
=)))))))))))))))))))))))) good one

an effect for the changing of a skill....but nothing else :)))))))))))))))))))
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out of season 1st of april?
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finally it has mtx effect....
I am not a GGG employee. I don't get pay to reply you. My edits in POE wiki are voluntary work, thanks.

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